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Diablo 4 Sneaky Blades Rogue Build: Backstab your enemies in melee on beta

by Ana Lopez
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As the Barbarians painfully discovered, melee survival isn’t easy in Diablo 4. There’s a reason why most builds are variable. At least the thief can play from a distance, but he has the agility to quickly jump back and forth between enemies, and a relatively safe position from a distance, killing anyone in his path.

Diablo IV

Gameplay and building principle

The Sneaky Blades Rogue is the essence of hit-and-run gameplay. His abilities allow him to have unparalleled mobility, whether crossing enemy ranks with the Pass of the Blades, propelling himself with Celerity, even appearing directly behind the boss with the Shadow Step to take down a bit of a whisper “Nothing staff boy!”, before planting a knife in him and then chaining the special attacks together. All you then have to do is get as far away as possible for the Sneaky Blades to travel as far as they can while cutting up any enemies that have the misfortune to get in their way. All that’s left is to start over. Builder link.

Active skills

Here’s our suggested choice of skills in the skill bar. Also keep in mind that there are alternatives in the choice of skills. Whenever possible, look for items that give bonus points to these skills, especially Sneaky Blades.

Passage of the blades 1

Passage of reinforced blades

Passage of the fundamental blades

Sneaky blades 5+

Reinforced Devious Blades

Advanced Tricky Blades

Shadow step 1

Reinforced shadow step

Later ranks and upgrades are optional.

Hurry 1

Increased haste

Later ranks and upgrades are optional.

dark veil 1

Reinforced dark veil

Dark Rebel Veil

shadow clone

Original shadow clone

Supreme Shadow clone

Passive bonuses

We only list the main passives, required for the build to function, that are used to reach the next level points requirement. There are other useful passives.

small step 3

Always more mobility to play with your enemies.

Operation 3

Significant bonus damage when the enemy’s health is above 80% and below 30%.


At level 15, the thief unlocks a quest to access his specializations. The concept is simple, you can choose from two types of bonuses. It is possible to switch from one to the other very easily in the menu, between fights, even during fights. With this build, Inner Vision is generally more interesting, as you won’t be using a lot of basic attacks. However, both are viable.

Diablo IV

Legendary powers and aspects

Powers are no longer necessarily tied to specific items, you can extract and administer them through the Occultist and the Power Codex. Here’s a list of the main powers you’ll need for this build:

  • The Tricky Blades swirl around you for a while after your return. The damage depends on the distance traveled, the greater it is, the more it increases.
  • Critical hits with main attacks increase your attack speed.
  • Haste drops a grenade that stuns enemies and reduces the cooldown.
  • Dodge and Shadowstep drop explosive grenades that stun and damage enemies.
  • If you use haste, a shadow clone will appear and also use haste on an enemy, dealing 25% of your damage.

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