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Kelvin Sons of the Forest: how does this handy AI ally work?

by Ana Lopez
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Like Virginia, Kelvin is a companion who will put his skills to work for you in Sons of the Forest. For all your deforestation, fishing, bar mitzvah, don’t hesitate to leave a message for him, the bugger is always ready to help.

Kelvin the house elf

You’ll soon have to give Kelvin a first order, which should show you how the soldier works. Fully amorphous, he will respond to any commands you give him via notepad to get out by holding E near him. The number of possible missions is quite limited, but Kelvin will make surviving much more comfortable when you’re not in multiplayer. In the absence of food? Ask him to go fishing for something to set on fire. Want to expand the space of your base? So ask him to clean an area that can range from 5 to 20 m². He knows how to do all the basics of a camp and will collect resources himself if necessary. But beware, if Kelvin dies during your game, it’s over, he can’t come back.

Sons of the Forest

Why doesn’t Kelvin do anything?

Like the player, Kelvin sometimes needs rest between different actions that require a lot of energy. Let’s imagine you asked him to clear 20 m² around your base, then the chances are slim that he will do it in one go. It’s not Tamagotchi either, it takes care of itself, you can chain orders, but keep in mind that it is not active 100% of the time. Be aware that this good Kelvin has an unpleasant habit of nestling on your planters or getting into odd corners: asking him to follow you for a few feet should solve all your worries.

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