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Hogwarts Legacy: the 7 characters you absolutely must talk to in the game!

by Ana Lopez
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Whether it’s activating a interesting side quest or get an extra reward, we would like to come back to this 7 secondary characters the most important of the game Hogwarts Legacy. NPCs not to be missed on your adventure. Please note that this guide is mainly for beginners to help you know which side quest to prioritize. Of course, we’re not going back to the characters you have to meet during the scenario, such as the teachers, the janitor of the moon to unlock Alohomora, Omini’s Gaunt, or even Cheek and all his missions for the Room of Requirement.

Lenora and Clementine: the butterfly girls

If you wanted to explore every nook and cranny of the school right from the start of your story and venture into the open world a bit, then you might be blackboards without knowing what to do. This isn’t one of the most complex puzzles in the game at all, unlike the symbol doors, for example, but be aware that one of the castle’s students can guide you through a well-crafted tutorial in a side quest.

  • Scavenger hunt : And there was light
  • NPC : Lenora Everleigh
  • Place : Central hall in front of a blackboard
  • Objectively : She will teach you how to examine the Hogwarts blackboards. Use Lumos to reveal an image and find the location in question very close. Collect the butterfly with Lumos and bring it to the list. Release Lumos to free him. This gives wizard guide pages every time.
  • Reward : cobalt blue royal costume

Hogwarts Legacy Chalkboards: Where Do You Find the Moths?

Hogwarts and its surroundings are full of magical treasures waiting to be discovered. Here’s an explanatory guide to the solution to Hogwarts Legacy’s famous butterfly paintings, so you don’t miss one on your adventures and unlock the corresponding trophy.

As for Clementine, it is in the Inn of the Three Broomsticks, in Hogsmeade, that you will find her. She will teach you to understand a different kind of riddle that is much less visible than the blackboards. It is therefore important to talk to him if you want to learn more about the existence of butterflies that can take you to Collection Chests! Most importantly, this quest will allow you to get the “Follow the Butterflies” trophy if you want to get the game platinum.

  • Scavenger hunt : Follow the butterflies
  • NPC : Clementine Willardse
  • Place : Hogsmeade, Three Broom
  • Objectively : Go to the Forbidden Forest and follow the butterflies you find. Refer to the icon on your mini-map to spot the butterflies. Follow them until you find a small chest and then go back to Clementine.
  • Reward : indoor plant furniture on request

Free drinks thanks to the hut NPCs!

To fulfill Professor Sharp’s tasks, as well as to optimize your battles, you will need all kinds of potions during your adventure. Those of health, the Wiggenweld, are the easiest to come up with and even available for free when exploring dungeons (search well!). But did you know that you can also get all kinds of drinks very easily by trading with each of the characters found at certain teleport points on the map?

Indeed, when you teleport to certain floo flames, you’ll be taken directly to a stone hut. An NPC is waiting for you there and will offer you (once only) to exchange your health potions for, for example, Maxima, Edurus or Drank.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Nellie Oggspire and the Keys to the Daedalus

In reality, if we could expect a much more spectacular reward after finding the 16 house tokens in the castle, we have to admit that
the antique dress in the colors of your house
is the most coveted item of all the witches and wizards playing Hogwarts Legacy. So don’t miss this side mission and, better yet, hurry to complete it if you want to walk through the corridors of the school and the open world as a class.

Imelda Reyes

Here’s a Slytherin student you’ll necessarily meet if you’ve chosen to move into the same house as them, as well as after you’ve bought your first broom from Albie Weeks in Hogsmeade. It’s important to complete the two other tests it will set up next, as this will unlock improvements for your magical mount: better acceleration to go faster for longer, and better agility!

Especially since passing Imelda’s three tests is an essential step in winning the game’s related trophy and platinum.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

The broom sellers

In each of the hamlets in the Highlands you will find a vendor who can trade ingredients, plants, animal resources and other potions for you. But keep in mind that some of them can also sell you new brooms ! There are also traveling merchants that are much easier to miss, as they won’t show up on your map until you’ve been in the area.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Garreth Weasley

If you haven’t already, we invite you to complete Garreth Wealsey’s side mission “A Sweet Journey”. If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter saga, this is a real nostalgic goldmine where you can not only meet the ancestors of Fred and Georges Weasley, but also take in the famous Hogwarts secret passage that Harry discovers on the Marauder’s Map. go straight to Honeydukes candy store.

Plus, if you’re lucky, you might witness a scene in front of this store with two young red-haired men being berated by the seller for stealing fireworks.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

And finally, on the question of whether or not you should help Garreth get the Feather of Focifer during potions class, here are the consequences of your choices:

  • Yes, you help him get the feather : he will explode his potion in a beautiful firework that will annoy Professor Sharp, who must have understood very well that you helped him. You can then lie about your contribution or confess (he will be proud of you).
  • No, you don’t give him the pen : Garreth will still make his explosive mixture, but Professor Sharp will be glad you didn’t help him.

In any case, this just affects the dialogues, since there is no morality system in the game or a friendship meter.


If we don’t really know who this famous Henrietta is, who will probably haunt you if you’ve started one of the quests that will take you to her hideout, at least we know that she has a particular penchant for all kinds of puzzles and meanness. Considered one of the game’s Cairns to explore, the Henrietta’s hideout contains chests but mainly allows you to complete three secondary missions:

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