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Ichthyosaur Ark: How to tame it, location… All about this dinosaur

by Ana Lopez
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In Ark: Survival Evolved, theIchthyosaurus is what most closely resembles our current dolphins. As gentle and kind as the latter, he is extremely fast and serves as an ideal mount for beginners in the watery depths of the Ark. No aquatic animal can match it in terms of speed, so in this guide we explain the most important things you need to know about this creature.

Where can you find Ichthyosaurs in Ark?

Like just about everything about theIchthyosaurus, its location is not very complicated: it can be found in absolutely all deep bodies of water. For example, on Lost Island, it is easy to find quite close to the surface in all waters around the island. There is no need to swim to the abyssal depths of these bodies of water, theIchthyosaurus is generally relatively close to the surface!

Ark: Survival Evolved

Peculiarities of the Ichthyosaurus in Ark

  • Explorer: The Ichthyosaurus is Ark’s fastest aquatic dinosaur, it can traverse vast seas in no time and all without taking too many risks as no or very few predators can match it in swimming speed
  • pearl hunter: Thanks to his immunity to Anesthesiahe is an ideal mount in terms of farming black pearls since he can kill the Eurypterides without fear. Combined with the fact that it does not cause kickback, it is the ideal candidate for the farm black pearls

Taming: how do you tame the Ichthyosaurus?

Taming theIchthyosaurus is perhaps one of the richest in Ark. Indeed, not only is this done passively, but in addition, the Ichthyosaurus is a very friendly creature that will come and play with you as soon as it sees you without the slightest hostile ulterior motive. All you need to do is find an individual of that species and assign suitable food to one of your hotkeys, then feed it as it approaches.

It may happen that theIchthyosaurus flees from fatigue or because he has noticed a threat in the vicinity. Depending on how prepared you are, follow him and keep feeding him so the taming can continue, but watch out for big sea predators lurking around!

  • Attention : Don’t try to tame a Ichthyosaurus by being violent towards him, if only with Arrows tranquilizers. It would be pointless unlike many other dinosaurs, and what’s more, it would run away from you without you being able to catch up with it!
Ark: Survival Evolved

In terms of food, this creature is particularly fond of because of its carnivorous nature Simple croquettes and from Meat mutton during taming. Once domesticated, Fish enough to feed it.

Simple kibble

Simple recipe for croquettes:

– 1x Boiled Fish Meat
– 1x Small Egg
– 5x Fibers
– 5x Mejobes
– 2x Carrot
– Water

→ 5 Easy Kibble required for a level 150 Ichthyosaurus

→ Time to tame it: ~13min43s


Kill an Ovis to get meat.

→ 11 mutton required for a level 150 Ichthyosaurus

→ Time to tame it: ~28min18s

How to breed the Ichthyosaurus?

Reproduction theIchthyosaurus requires the presence of a male and a female of this species in the same room.

Randomly and at a rate of about every 18 to 48 hours a clutch, the female Ichthyosaurus gives birth to a baby Ichthyosaurus about 8 hours after mating. For this to happen, place the pair in the same paddock and select in their options “Allow mating“.

Ark: Survival Evolved

In order for the baby to survive, you must watch him at 9:15 and give him food adapted to this species in his inventory, otherwise he will not be able to eat. Once an adolescent, the baby Ichthyosaurus will be able to feed itself and will take about 3 days and 20 hours in total to reach its adult form.

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