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Chalicotherium Ark: How to tame it, location… All about this dinosaur

by Ana Lopez
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In Ark: Survival Evolved, the chalicotherium strangely reminiscent of a kind of horse that one would have crossed with an anteater. And if his looks are pretty amazing, his behavior is even more so, as under his appearance of a large peaceful herbivore, he’s an excellent projectile launcher capable of acting as mobile artillery! In this guide, we explain the most important things you need to know about this creature.

Where can you find Chalicotheriums in Ark?

THE chalicotherium is a very territorial animal, it rarely leaves its territory and often sneaks around it. He is also not hostile to creatures that do not attack him unless they cross the threshold of his territory, in which case they are in great danger of dying. It is an exclusively terrestrial animal and although it can swim, it is not its favorite domain.

we usually find Chalicotheriums on the side of the mountainous regions where the snow is present. As long as you don’t approach him or encroach on his territory, he will just ignore you even after seeing you. Distrust, moreover, since the chalicotherium is capable of firing projectiles, and will do so without hesitation at the slightest intrusion!

Ark: Survival Evolved

Peculiarities of the Chalicotherium in Ark

  • Siege Weapon: It is one of the few creatures that can throw stones. Highly mobile and able to climb platforms, the Chalicotherium can thus serve as a very effective siege weapon. Only downside: its relatively short range which exposes it to enemy attacks.
  • Harvest : Not just the chalicotherium can carry relatively heavy loads, but is also excellent at harvesting certain highly coveted elements: Berries, Branches And Drink ! Plus, his special move (default C) even lets you harvest while running!
  • Base defender: In “b” mode, it defends your base very effectively by throwing lots of projectiles at anyone who dares to break in. Handy, especially if you don’t yet have access to large dinosaurs that can fend off an attack with a blow of teeth.

Taming: how do you tame the Chalicotherium?

Taming one chalicotherium is quite simple because it is done passively: you have to approach him stealthily behind his back and offer him a pint of beer. Using Camouflage can make your attempt much easier. Assign the pint of beer to a key, approach it slowly while crouching and offer it pints until it becomes your companion.

  • Attention : Don’t try to tame a chalicotherium by being violent towards him, if only with Arrows tranquilizers. It would be pointless unlike many other dinosaurs, and it would start bombarding you with a slew of projectiles!
Ark: Survival Evolved

When it comes to food, this creature naturally eats alone Berries, nothing else at all. So his taming is done with a different food than what he is used to, make sure you make the difference.

pint of beer

Pints ​​of beer recipe

– 1x Beer
1x water jug


– 40x Branches
50x Berries
– Water

water jug

– 7x Cement Or Achatina slime
5x Skin
2x Crystal

How to Grow Chalicotherium?

The reproduction of chalicotherium requires the presence of a male and a female of this species in the same room.

Randomly and at a rate of about every 18 to 48 hours a clutch, the female chalicotherium gives birth to a baby chalicotherium about 8 hours after mating. For this to happen, place the pair in the same paddock and select in their options “Allow mating“.

Ark: Survival Evolved

In order for the baby to survive, you need to watch him for 7.5 hours and give him food adapted to this species in his inventory, otherwise he will not be able to eat. Once an adolescent, the baby chalicotherium will be able to feed itself and will take about 3 days and 9 hours in total to reach its adult form.

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