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Hogwarts Legacy Main Missions: The Complete Story!

by Ana Lopez
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It’s been over two weeks now since Hogwarts Legacy The Hogwarts Legacy was released and we had the time to go through it long, wide and multiple times to bring you a complete walkthrough of side quests, puzzles but also and most importantly of the main adventure. invent. If you don’t know where to go after your first lessons at school, how to get to the Map Room or how to climb some ramparts… Follow this step-by-step guide!

Your first hours of play

In the first guide below you’ll find each of the first steps essential to your placement at Hogwarts until the Map Room is discovered. Allow 5 hours in a straight line to reach this goal, but of course much more if you take the time to admire the scenery.

These first moments are very important because at this moment you choose your house and your wand. Here’s the order of the quests you’ll find in detail in the guide below.

  • The Road to Hogwarts: Introduction with Professor Fig
  • Welcome to Hogwarts: Choosing Your House
  • Proverbs and Defense Against the Dark Arts course
  • Required Professor Ronen Assignment 1: Learn the Reparo spell
  • Welcome to Hogsmeade: Choosing your wand
  • The Secret of the Locket: Fight the Troll
  • Mandatory assignment 1 from Professor Hecat: learn the Incendio spell
  • Secrets of the Library Reserve: Undercover with Sebastian
  • Tomes and Tribulations: First Memory of Morganach and Obtained Mysterious Book
  • Mandatory course in botany
  • Professor Bulbille’s Assignment 1: Learn Wingardium Leviosa
  • Mandatory assignment 2 from Professor Hecat: learn the spell Experlliarmus
  • drinks class
  • Quest exclusive to your house: an introduction to the encounter with Jackdaw, very different depending on the house chosen
  • The rest of Richard Choucas: discovery of the Salle de la Carte
  • In the shadow of the crypt: Sebastian teaches you Confringo
  • The Room of Requirement
  • The Map Room: Meet the first guard
  • Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1: Learn Repulso
  • Flight Tests: To buy your broom in Hogsmeade and unlock Imelda’s races

Teacher lessons and homework

During the main scenario, you will see that some missions can only be triggered once after participating in a Charms or Potions class, for example. These steps are mandatory, as are the homework assignments. You will find below all the missions entrusted by the teachers, which will allow you to learn many new spells.

relationship quests

Whether it’s Natsai Onai, a Gryffindor student, Sebastian Pallow, the dark Slytherin, or Poppy Sweeting, the adorable Hufflepuff, you’ll usually need to complete their relationship quests to progress through the scenario. For example, Sebastian’s “In the Shadow of the Crypt” quest is required to access the Map Room, as is Natty’s “The High Dungeon” quest to unlock your Hippogryph mount.

Guardian’s first trial

Percival Rackham, the first guard you speak to in the Map Room, invites you to a trial to learn about ancient magic. By joining Professor Fig, you must not only manage to investigate the goblins and take them out at the same time Petrificus Totalusbut also understand the different puzzles with platforms and big arches.

Autumn is coming

As soon as the first guardian test is over, a new season begins at Hogwarts and the surrounding area: autumn. Of course you can enjoy thisHalloween in the Great Hall, but also a volley of new and essential quests for the main scenario. This is also the time to finally learn Alohomora thanks to the statues of the Demiguise, but also to take care of the animals.

  • Your first lesson on magical creatures: meeting Poppy and Skywing
  • Urtkot’s Helmet: Meeting with Logdok and visiting the witch’s tomb
  • Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2: Learn the Diffindo Spell
  • The janitor’s moon lament: discovering Demiguise’s moons and learning Alohomora
  • Professor Bulbille’s Assignment 2: Learn Flipendo
  • In the shadow of the estate: meeting Anne, Sebastian’s twin sister
  • The Elf, the Catch Bag and the Loom: Cheek teaches you how to catch magical creatures and upgrade your equipment
  • Assignment 2 from Madame Kogawa: Learn Arresto Momentum
  • Fly Over the Competition: First Broom Race with Imelda
  • In the shadow of the line
  • The High Dungeon: You get the Hippogriff as a mount
  • In the Shadow of Study: This is when you may or may not learn Cruciatus
  • The Lost Child: The Harlow Investigation continues
  • The house-elf in distress: a terrible quest given by Cheek, not recommended for arachnophobes

The second trial

It’s up to the keeper now Charles Rookwood to show you the way to mastering ancient magic. The trial is full of mechanisms to activate to progress and Pensive Guardians to fight.

Winter is here!

With the end of this second trial, snowflakes have invaded the open world of Hogwarts Legacy and Christmas trees lavishly decorate the hallways of Hogwarts. Again, it will be necessary to progress in the tasks of the teachers to learn new spells, in the quests for relationships with Natsai, Poppy and Sebastian, as well as in the main missions.

  • All Fire All Flames: Unleash a dragon with Poppy in Magyar Hall
  • Egg Hunt: You must now return the egg to the dragon
  • The colt that saved his kind: Cheek teaches you about animal reproduction
  • Professor Howin’s Assignment 1: Learn Bombarda
  • In the shadow of time
  • Professor Weasley’s Homework 1: A Terrifying Quiz by Sophronia
  • In the shadow of the mine: here you learn the Impero
  • Gobelbabil Affair: Exploring a Mine with Amit
  • Words from the warden: Conversation with the third guard in the map room

The third trial

This is probably the event most preferred by players. Niamh Fitzgerald, former Hogwarts headmaster and now keeper of ancient magic, takes you into a Baker the Bard-style story where you must face death thanks to the three relics.

spring is back

Once the ordeal is complete, the trees will bloom again around Hogwarts and you can continue with your main mission to unravel the mystery surrounding ancient magic. Don’t forget that by doing Sebastian’s missions you can learn the unforgivable spells.

  • Rise of the Phoenix: Save a Phoenix with Wang
  • The basics of blackmail: great quest with Natsai to counter Harlow
  • A surprise reunion: Poppy talks to the centaurs
  • In the shadow of hope: conversation with Anne and Sebastian
  • Mourning and revenge: conversation with Natty about his father’s death
  • In the shadow of the mountain: a primal quest that gives access to the southern part of the open world
  • Lodgok’s Loyalty: Coastal Mine Grand Dungeon

The fourth trial

It is now San Bakar, the final guardian, who challenges you to successfully tame a Grapcorne named The Lord of the Shores. This also allows you to use it as a ground support to run up the heap.

The end of the main scenario

You can now complete relationship quests with Natty, Sebastian and Poppy, but you can also take on powerful bosses like Victor Rookwood and Rannrok! Your ultimate choice with Professor Fig will determine how you tame ancient magic.

  • A great wand: boss fight against Rookwood
  • The Last Depot: Rannrok Boss Fight
  • Harlow’s Final Battle: Ultimate Villain Battle with Natsai
  • In the shadow of the relic: save Sebastian’s village and learn Avada Kedavra if you want
  • The Centaur and the Stone: Finding the Moonstone with Poppy
  • Bird’s eye view: rescue of the golden snitch with poppy
  • In the shadow of fate
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Preparing for your OWLs: a real endgame?

After this grand ending where all the professors fight together to help you, you can of course return to Hogwarts to save your side missions, recover some missing guide pages and other treasure chests. In reality, the end game is simply to complete the game 100% if you want to, by collecting all the collectibles.
You won’t actually pass your OWLs and cutting the 4 houses is a simple cutscene.

  • Weasley’s Eagle Eye: The Deputy Headmistress asks you to reach level 34 and complete your wizard guide (page portion only)
  • The Four Houses Cup

Now, of course, you can make Hogwarts Legacy platinum by completing all the trophies. Good luck !

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