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Homework Hogwarts Legacy: Complete List, How to Complete Them for All Teachers?

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A few Hogwarts Legacy missions ask you to perform specific tasks on behalf of the Hogwarts professors: homework is the core of the school system developed by Avalanche, it is even the only mechanism around this theme. In any case, impossible to pass, because the spells were recovered from the teaching staff will then be used to progress in the game’s story missions. Let’s see together the topics taught by the teachers and how they can complete their tasks thanks to our dedicated guides.

Professor Hecat

Come on, no time to fool around: right after choosing your house, the first class is about defense spells against the forces of evil. In Professor Hecat’s class, you will meet Sebastian Pallow, one of the classmates who will accompany you throughout the year at wizard school. The tasks given by Hecat require you to perform some basic moves during combat, nothing really insurmountable. After her second assignment, she will teach you Expelliarmus, a very practical disarming spell against pensive guards.

Hogwarts Legacy: Professor Hecat’s homework

Your Defense Against the Dark Arts lesson doesn’t end with a single cutscene in Hogwarts Legacy. You will have to fight to complete Professor Hecat’s homework and get two powerful spells: Incendio and Expelliarmus.

Professor Ronen

The Charms class is the second class you take when you arrive at Hogwarts Castle. And watch out, it goes very fast! Ronen will talk about his passion for games such as bavboule and during your first lesson you will learn how to use Accio. After checking that you master the wand, the professor will entrust you with the task of repairing two statues in the courtyard using Reparo, spell needed to progress through the scenario.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Professor Ronen’s homework

Here’s everything we know about Abraham Ronen in Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Legacy. Professor of spells, it’s time to learn more about this jovial Slytherin who loves games like Bavboules, and how to do his homework with the pages.

Professor Bulbille

With Professor Bulbille you will learn to master battle plants such as mandrakes or poisonous tentacles and also meet the manager of the Amanite and Chiendent shop in Hogsmeade. Buy all the seeds you can from the Magic Turnip to plant in your Room of Requirement and finish Bulbille’s homework more easily. Note that you must invest in a Summoning Creature at some point in the year for a large pot pot.

Professor Sharp

Professor Sharp’s Potions Lesson, as the name suggests, allows you to experiment with the ingredients you’ll be studying in the Botany class, to create powerful concoctions. Lessons focus on making one potion first and then applying several in the field. This is the course that will ask you to look for most components, from trollboogers to Abyssinian figs, to mud tongues.

Professor Kogawa

Professional level quidditch player, this is the school’s flying teacher. By going to his course, you will learn to tame your first flying horse: the broom. His homework takes you from left to right across the open world map, looking for balloons to explode in specific areas. She will eventually teach you the Arresto Momentum spell, required to complete any of the Hogwarts Secrets. Don’t forget that your broom can be improved by following the quest thread of Bobalais’ tenant and Imelda’s challenges.

Professor Onai

The fortune telling course with Natsai Onai’s mother shouldn’t take too long. There is only one step to these courses, but for a spell that will be very useful to you during certain trials of Merlin and during the game’s battles. In getting to know her, one will learn that her faith in her vision has been shaken by the unexpected loss of her husband. It is also to put this painful memory behind her that she decided to come to Hogwarts.

Professor Howin

These will all await you impatiently. In Professor Howin’s lessons, it is Care of Magical Creatures and thus everything related to Fantastic Beasts in the magical world. Soon you will be able to equip your Room of Requirement with vivariums suitable for all the beasts you will tame on your travels. During this lesson you will meet Poppy Sweeting from Hufflepuff.

Hogwarts Legacy: Complete Professor Howin’s homework

Your lesson Caring for Magical Creatures doesn’t end with a single cutscene in Hogwarts Legacy. You will need to capture a Dirico and a giant purple toad to complete Professor Howin’s assignment and learn the Bombarda spell.

Professor Weasley

Although she will be one of the first to welcome you to school, Matilda Weasley’s Transformation Classes doesn’t arrive until late in the game, as you have to pass the second trial of the main scenario before she pays you any attention. She’ll ask you to pick up two pages of the Wizard’s Guide to Hogwarts, but this will land you in a dirty quiz story: Answering all of Sophronia’s questions correctly will put your knowledge of the magical world to the test.

Mr Moon and the moons of Demiguise

Every school worthy of the name has a janitor, at Hogwarts it’s Mr Moon. After passing the first trial in the storyline, Moon will ask you to collect Demiguise statues around the world. You must have heard of it, the famous spell Alohomora that can open doors with locks. Unlike the professors’ tasks, it is not necessary to complete this quest to progress through the scenario, but we strongly recommend that you complete The Lunar Complaint of the Concierge if you intend to play the game 100 % to make.

Demiguise Hogwarts Legacy: Location of all statues on the map

Where are all the Demiguise moons in Hogwarts, Hogsmeade and the open world? After spending the night here is the exact location of these statues that the janitor of the moon fears more than anything to unlock the upper levels of the Alohomora spell and open the locks.

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