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Hogwarts Legacy: list of all dialogue choices to be made and their consequences

by Ana Lopez
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If you can become the wizard or witch of your dreams in Hogwarts Legacy, deciding whether or not you want to master the unforgivable spells, steal money from students, or act the best you can, you need to understand that it doesn’t exist no morality system in the game or friendship meter with students and teachers. So the choices you make throughout the scenario have none no real influence on the latter, but just the way the characters can react to you. Anyway, some NPCs will sometimes ask you questions worth thinking about and we’ve listed them for you in this guide.

Beware, this article obviously contains heavy spoilers about the history of the game.

Remark : If you are interested in the consequences of your actions “good or bad”, you can rather refer to the article below.

Dialogue choices without real consequences

To begin with, we will list the dialogues and choices that have no real consequences for the rest of the scenario:

Should we choose Natsai or Sebastian to go to Hogsmeade?

At the beginning of the story, after you arrive at Hogwarts, you can finally go to Hogsmeade to do some shopping and especially choose your wand from Ollivander ! But before that, the deputy director will ask you if you prefer to go with Natsai or Sebastian. You are free to choose the character you want, as it only affects the dialogues of the moment and the NPC present with you during the troll fight.

However, we recommend choosing Natsai (for reasons of lore logic) as in Hogsmeade you will meet Rookwood and understand the actions of Harlow’s poachers whom Natty then intends to punish.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Should Natsai, Sebastian and Matilda Weasley be told the truth about your activities?

Whether it’s Natty, Sebastian or Matilda Weasley, all three characters will at some point ask you why you need to help them or why you’re behaving the way you do. Although Professor Fig specifically asked you not to tell anyone about the magic Old And Rannrokit doesn’t matter if you choose to tell your friends or the deputy principal the truth.

Likewise, if you choose to keep the information to yourself, they will just find it odd. It’s up to you to decide if you prefer them to give you all their trust at this point or not.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Should we kneel or attack Grapcorne?

During the fourth Guardian trial, you have to fight a huge grave horn called The Lord of the Shores. Once well weakened, it will recharge you and you can:

  • kneel down : to pay your respects and tame the beast,
  • attack him again : to show your strength and tame the beast.

Again, this is a personal choice that can stick with your character’s character, but the result will be the same and you can get Grapcorne as a mount.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Should we give Focifer’s feather to Garreth Weasley?

During your first potions lesson with Professor Sharp, you can choose whether to help Garreth Weasley steal a Fociferan feather from his office.

Should we take the relic?

During Sebastian Pallow’s story quest “In the Shadow of Time”, he will ask you if he should take the relic or not. Whether you answer yes or no, the consequence is exactly the same: Sebastian decides anyway.

Should Penny be released?

During the PS5 exclusive quest “Mind Your Cauldron”, house elf Penny can help you run the shop in Hogsmeade. You can then tell her that you’d rather let her go or that, yes, you need her. Either way, Penny will choose to stay and help you.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Should we learn forbidden spells with Sebastian?

This is the first big choice you have to make during the main scenario. This is divided into several quests to learn Crucifix, Impero or Avada Kedavra. Below are the details of the missions:

Should we side with Ominis or Sebastian?

Another important choice to make during Sebastian Pallow’s story quest. During the mission to learn the Impero, you can choose the side of Ominis or Sebastian. In the first case, you manage to reason with the two boys and leave the catacombs together. In the second case, you can learn the Impero spell and Ominis will ask you to cast it on him so that he agrees to release you.

This choice has no real consequences for the rest of the story, however still allows you to learn Impero with Ominis if you chose not to do it right before with Sebastian.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Should we sue Sebastian?

This is probably the most important choice you will have to make in the entire game.
After Sebastian kills his uncle, you too can get to know Avada Kedavra or not, but above all decide whether you want to send him to prison for his actions or, conversely, support him.

Hogwarts Legacy: Should We Denounce Sebastian Pallow?

During Sebastian Pallow’s friendship missions in Hogwarts Legacy you will have to make many choices. Do you decide to learn the forbidden spells? To side with Omini’s or to indict the Slytherin student for his crimes? These are the consequences.

Should we choose to keep the old magic?

At the very end of the game, you can finally face Rannrok and choose to destroy the source of ancient magic under the castle or not. Here are all the possible endings:

Hogwarts Legacy: What are the different possible endings of the game?

There are several possible endings to the new licensed Harry Potter game depending on your choices. Discover the different possibilities and the answers to be given in this guide, with a choice between good and evil. We also explain the circumstances of the various Hogwarts Legacy endings.

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