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Patch 6.35 of Final Fantasy XIV marks one of the most important stages of the extension’s lifecycle Runner than the brilliant first phase of PVE Relics is now available and that it is also possible to start working on the relics of artisans and collectors. This update also adds some important PVE content that is likely to keep many players busy: Eureka Orthos a new bottomless dungeon !

In this guide we focus on adding the latest suite of tribal quests and access to many awards.

Two other tribes are already available in FFXIV Endwalker: The Arkasodaras which are a tribe that focuses on combat missions and whose primary goal is to provide a large number of experience points to level up, but also the Omicron. The latter were a harvest tribe, also with their own rewards, but also a good dose of experience if your harvesters were not yet 90.

Just like at the time of Shadow bringer this last tribe of the Loporrites will turn their attention the artisans. If you’re not yet 90 with all your craftsmen, it’s time to level up quickly while farming for new rewards and even an exclusive mount!

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Unlock Loporrite Tribal Quests FF14 6.35

To unlock this new tribal questline, you must execute the quest “Dream away”.

This quest is available by talking to Dream road to the Old Sharlayan (X: 11.7 Y: 10.9).

Attention : this quest is not available until you complete the following missions The Loporrite who didn’t like his name.

As always you can take and finish 3 Loporrite quests per day and get your tokens for the rewards. These rewards are blocked by you reputation level with the trunk increasing to a maximum of 8 and the mountain always at 7.

These missions can be completed with any crafter of at least level 80 and offers very simple crafts, so don’t panic, a very basic stuff is enough to succeed.

The current server reset has run out 16.00 hours, but it’s important to note that increasing a reputation rank with this tribe will offer you to resume quests even before the next reset. Thus, if you optimize the earned reputation points properly, you can do 6 quests in the same day and thus benefit from a big boost in raising the level of friendship with the tribe.

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Loporrite Tribal Quest Rewards List

Experience points aren’t the only rewards you can get for your efforts. You do indeed get the chance to recover carrot at the end of each Loporrite daily quest.

These tokens are therefore normally limited to 3 per day and, if you have the minimum reputation rank, allow you to collect various rewards.

For this extension, the different ranks are as follows:

  • Neutral
  • Friend
  • Estimated
  • skilled
  • Respected
  • Sworn
  • Sworn star

To collect and spend your rewards carrot you will have to go Mary Lamentorum and join the conversation to the seller in (X: 17.4 ; J: 15.8).

Here’s the full list of tradable items for each reward level:

  • Neutral: X
  • Friend: X
  • estimated: X
  • Emeritus: X
  • Respected: X
  • Sworn in: X
  • Star sworn: X


Since the tribe is still very young, it will take a few weeks for all the rewards to be listed here, but the article will be updated as soon as possible!

As always, the mount is available from rank 7 and costs 18 tokens. To give you an idea, the mount will also be available to try out in intermediate missions.

All you have to do is raise the reputation level with the little rabbits to become a Moon DJ yourself!

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