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FIFA 23 / FUT 23: Collect all FUT Birthday Tokens

by Ana Lopez
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The system of SWAP Tokens is becoming more and more common FIFA23. That’s what we have it for FUT Birthday.

Until April 7, you can collect tokens that you can exchange for rewards. On the other hand, contrary to usual, we don’t quite know yet what rewards we will be able to receive.

But we know we can have a team pack FUT Birthday 1 against 3 tokens and a pack of 10 players 85+ GENE for example against 10 tokens.

Usually we also have choices for icons/hero players, but that’s all we know, we should know very soon.

Below is the full token tracking FUT Birthdaythere are 30 in total. If you want a few more, or if you missed one or the other, you can get some bonuses through the store and packs.

@HelmarDesigns - FIFA 23

The complete FIFA 23 FUT birthday chip tracker

Updated on 27/03

  • Token 1 Magnusson: Gift when you log into the game
  • Token 2 Ementa: DCE Challenge FGS 10
  • Token 3 Hofman: Objective Fiesta First Holder
  • 4 Gibbs Token: Silver Star Objective
  • Token 5 Marc Aguado: DCE Big Posters March 23
  • Token 6 Waleed: DCE FUT 15
  • Token 7 Ibrahim: Goal Joselu FUT Birthday
  • Token 8 Silvera: FUT Birthday Party Objective
  • McGlynn Token 9: FUT Birthday Daily Login Boost Goal
  • Jurcec 10 Token: Reinforcement Goal for Daily FUT Birthday
  • Isac Token 11: FUT Birthday Daily Login Boost Goal
  • Token 12 Priso: DCE FUT 16
  • Token 13 Ewolo: DCE FUT 17

Bonus chips

  • Bonus Token 1 Oduah: New Year Review Foundations Pack (90,000 Credits)
  • Bonus Token 2 Gunther: Shop Pack (85,000 credits)

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