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Best Resident Evil 4 weapons: Pistol, rifle, magnum… The best for every class

by Ana Lopez
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Whether bought directly from the merchant or by exploring certain specific areas of the Resident Evil 4 remake map sectors, the choice of weapons in the game is truly satisfying. Not only is the entire arsenal attractive, but on top of that, the famous “gunfeel”, super important in this type of action game is to die for all guns. In this new guide, we’ll see which are the very best weapons you can get on your first run.

Best Knife: Military Knife

Simply because it’s the one you’ll earn the most later in the progression. Even if it means repeating ourselves, let’s specify that the blades are of paramount importance in the Resident Evil 4 remake, these are multi-purpose weapons that can kill enemies with one shot and counter any parries. Increasing the resistance of this blade is a great idea for the last third of the game, but also for your new game more in professionalism.

Resident Evil 4

Best Gun: RED-9

And you will pick it up very early in your mission. Available from Chapter 4, in which you can explore the lake from top to bottom with your boat. Just climb onto the wreck in the middle of the water to recover it. Once upgraded, it’s a war machine, its biggest flaw being a recoil that can be compensated with an accessory that can be bought from the merchant. Other guns will catch your eye, but this is the one that will give you the most power.

Resident Evil 4

Best Shotgun: Riot Rifle

If we listened to our hearts we would lean more towards the striker but objectively the riot weapon is the most powerful you can get and it is available from chapter 6. By improving it regularly, in the final chapters of the castle you will arrive with a real bomb in your hands, each cartridge capable of destroying small groups of Illuminados with a single blow. It will also be your best ally in an ambush situation.

Resident Evil 4

Best Rifle: CQBR Assault Rifle

Available from Chapter 10, once you can make it back to the back of the library with Leon, the famous gun is in one of the chests at the back. Not very easy to handle, it can completely replace a sniper rifle, only you will have to go very carefully with the trigger, otherwise you will run out of precious stock of rifle ammunition in minutes. On the other hand, it is simply one of the most powerful weapons of the entire remake

Resident Evil 4

Best Machine Gun: LE5

As far as we were concerned, we skipped the game’s SMGs, until we encountered the LE5 in one of the island’s cold rooms near the end of the game. It is a weapon that balances quite powerful continuous bursts, but also and above all that can be equipped with goggles, including the famous thermal goggles that you will absolutely need in the final chapters.

Resident Evil 4

Best Magnum: Killer 7

A small nod to one of Capcom’s most obscure games and it lives up to it, with a phenomenally powerful magnum capable of melting bosses’ lives like snow in the sun once they’re upgraded. The Broken Butterfly is almost equivalent, but as far as we’re concerned, we felt much more comfortable with this behemoth. Don’t forget to buy the Magnum Bullets recipe when it appears in the merchant’s inventory.

Resident Evil 4

Special weapons

We didn’t factor in special weapons in this ranking simply because the conditions to unlock them are quite tight and extend well beyond your first run. These are obviously hyper-powered weapons, which also require you to go through the upgrade box to regain their upgrade bonus (unlimited ammo). There are 3 in total so far.

  • survival knife
  • Chicago sweeper
  • Hand cannon

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