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Arlequin WoW: How do I get the March 2023 Comptoir Monthly Reward?

by Ana Lopez
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Every month since Patch 10.0.5, World of Warcraft: Dragonflight players tackle one of the expansion’s most surprising yet highly anticipated features: the Trading Post. To get the monthly reward for the month of March 2023, it is necessary to complete tasks in the travel log, and we guide you to help you do it as soon as possible!

How to get Harlequin Transmog in WoW

Getting theDarkmoon Teaser Set is not very complicated, but is often unknown to players who think they can get it in exchange for Coins in the Comptoir. To gain access, you must collect a total of 1,000 points in the March 2023 Travel Journal.

To access the travelogue, simply open your Adventurer’s Guide and select the “Travel diaryHere you can see all the activities available this month, as well as your progress in terms of activity points collected so far.

  • This transmog is only available in the month of March 2023. After that, it will disappear indefinitely!
World of Warcraft

Get the Harlequin set quickly in Dragonflight

Now that you know how to get your hands on this unusual transmog, it’s time to buy it yourself! To do this, we recommend a list of 8 activities to get this set as quickly and easily as possible. Let’s take it step by step, but remember that you may need to step out of your comfort zone to optimize your route!

  • Important : This is the method I’ve partly personally used (and perfected) to get this no later than 1h30 after implementation. I just changed a few parts of it that were too inaccessible to casual players in favor of other simpler tasks. So it works, but other activities may be more profitable for you depending on what you like to do, or during the different world events of the current month, Paléon’goro for example at the end of the month!

1. Valdraken Activities

  • Complete weekly crafting missions

These very simple quests involve the characters of Miners, Herbalists and Skinners. Connect any character that is level 60 or above, take them to Valdrakken and make them do the very short quest offered by their professional master in Valdrakken. Repeat the same action on another character to validate this activity.

Reward : 100 activity points

Finally, and this is important, you can already start tackling some of the activities in part 5 of this guide (at the bottom of this page), as they require you to tag in the group finder. You might as well kill two birds with one stone: during your travels you are looking for groups, which saves time!

World of Warcraft

2. Dragon Islands Activities

  • Complete a PvP expedition in the Dragon Islands

To view these World Quests you must be in War Mode. They appear as small circles with two crossed swords in them on your map. Try to aim for the less difficult ones if you don’t have any PvP gear, like mini boss killers, and avoid the ones that involve direct confrontation with other players unless you like combat.

Reward : 100 activity points

  • Collect Blood Tokens on the Dragon Islands

This activity is performed passively by completing the previous activity: “Complete a PvP expedition in the Dragon Islands“. Extremely easy and fast!

Reward : 100 activity points

  • Defeat a non-Instance boss in the Dragon Isles

Quite simply, this activity asks you to defeat one of Dragonflight’s 4 World Bosses once. Depending on the week you do this activity, the active world boss will vary. Just kill the one available through the group quest, in just 5 minutes it’s done!

Reward : 100 activity points

3. Eastern Kingdoms of Kalimdor Activities

  • Win 15 pet fights

Don’t panic, this activity just requires you to win a pet fight regardless of their level and yours. Go to a starting zone, for example in Durotar or Elwynn Forest, equip your pets with the highest level and slaughter 15 wild pets in no time. Simple, fast and no hassle!

Reward : 200 activity points

  • Kill Kael’thas Sunstrider in Magisters’ Terrace

Just take the portal to Stormwind or Orgrimmar in Valdrakken, then the one to Shattrath City. Then look for the portal to the island of Quel’Danas in the huge central room and go to the Magisters’ Terrace to kill the final boss there. Don’t forget to switch to Heroic Mode if you don’t have the mount yet Speedy White Hawk Warrior !

Trick: To avoid Kael’thas final dialogue, consider pulling the boss without killing the group of creatures for it!

Reward : 150 activity points

World of Warcraft

5. Additional Extracurricular Activities

  • Buy toys that give you class

This very simple activity requires you to get one of many items that change your appearance. In general, players will have already validated it when they first log in in March, but if not, we recommend that you buy one of the following toys:

Elegant black parasol : Found in a chest at the top of Revendreth Castle, in Shadowlands, at coordinates 38.4; 44.3
Kovork costume : Available from Rare Elite Kovork in the Battle for Azeroth version of Arathi Highlands, Eastern Kingdoms, at coordinates 25.6, 48.0
Eternal black diamond ring : For sale for 5,000 gold at Haris Pilton in Shattrath City, Outland, at coordinates 75.6, 30.6

Reward : 100 activity points

World of Warcraft

  • Win 10 non-Skirmish Arena matches OR win 5 battlefields

For regular PvP players: just win 10 arena matches in 2v2 or 3v3 (and not solo Brewing, which will not count towards this activity). For the others, we recommend just tagging in Random Battleground, preferably the “epic” so as not to hinder your team due to your lack of equipment. Ideally, you do this activity while connecting with others as you find your groups.

Reward : 200 activity points

World of Warcraft

  • Utilize/show off for a player character with class

To complete this activity, simply use one of the items in your possession and type the command /Show off Or /laid target another player. Successful completion of this activity requires successful completion of the first of this list: “Buy toys that give you class

Reward : 50 activity points

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