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All Resident Evil 4 good luck charms: full list and their effects in the remake

by Ana Lopez
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Leon’s weapons aren’t the only gear available to level up your skills in Resident Evil 4: if you dig a little deeper, you can find lucky charms that can be won at all of the merchant’s firing ranges in the chapters. Discover the full list of the thirty pendants already available, as well as their bonus effects.

Tokens and lucky charms: how do they work?

Win lucky charms

For the time being, the operation of the zipper of the shooting range that gives the lucky charms remains rather vague. You have to systematically insert 3 tokens each time, but impossible to know whether to prefer prints of a single color (3 silver or 3 gold), or to mix the two rarities tokens to increase the chance of getting better lucky charms. That is also likely the chances of getting certain lucky charms depend on the zone you draw in.

Gold tokens

These tokens, limited in number per run, are only accessible through the firing range, with the exception of one, which you can find in the spinel inventory of this treasured merchantfrom half way through the adventure.

How to equip lucky charms?

Regardless of the capacity of your suitcase, it is only possible to equip 3 lucky charms at the same time. These must be changed immediately of any typewriter in the gamefrom the moment you unlocked the shooting range.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

Common good luck charms

  • Don Diego: +15% crafting bonus for rifle ammunition.
  • Don Esteban: +15% crafting bonus for rifle ammunition.
  • Don Jose: +15% craft bonus for pistol ammo.
  • Don Pedro: +40% more health on vipers.
  • Doctor Salvador: +20% craft bonus for rifle ammunition.
  • Isabella: +30% extra healing on vipers.
  • Diligent Leader: +10% extra healing on green herbs.
  • Bella Sisters: +20% craft bonus for magnum ammunition.
  • scythe zealot: +20% craft bonus on machine gun ammunition
  • Crossbow Zealot: +20% crafting bonus on tiles.
  • Zealot with shield: +20% craft bonus on rifle ammo.
  • Dynamite Soldier: +30% craft bonus on attached mines.
  • hammer soldier: +20% craft bonus on pistol ammo.
  • Soldier with Electric Bat: +15% crafting bonus on tiles.

Rare lucky charms

  • Adam Wong: 30% off armor repair.
  • Black bass: +100% extra healing on fish.
  • NO WORD : 40% discount on the purchase of resources.
  • Leon with gun: 30% discount on blade repairs.
  • Leon with shotgun: +40% on the resale price of ammo
  • Leon with rocket launcher: 20% discount on the rocket launcher at the merchant.
  • Luis wants: +20% on the resale price of ammo.
  • Mary: +20% craft bonus on magnum ammunition.
  • Chicken : +100% extra egg healing.
  • Attacker: +8% walking speed

Epic Lucky Charms

  • Ashley Graham: 50% more healing on green herbs.
  • Illuminado decal: +20% critical hit on melee attacks.
  • merchant: 5% discount on weapon upgrades.
  • Rhinoceros Beetle: +100% return on investment when resale.

Legendary good luck charms

  • cute bear: -1 powder for each craft.

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