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Tchia Trophies: The list of all achievements to complete on PlayStation

by Ana Lopez
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Tchia has been available on PC (Epic Games Store) and PlayStation since Tuesday, March 21, 2023. The possibility of the New Caledonia and complete the indie game by collecting all the trophies. Here’s the full list to help you do the 100%.

Complete Tchia to 100%

Of course, if you want to get Tchia platinum (get all the trophies), you need to complete the main adventure, but also to reach 100% completion. This means that you have collected all the game’s collectibles, all the outfits, the viewpoints and, for example, destroying the enemy camps. Count over thirty hours to do everything, even if the scenario is quite short in a straight line.

List of Tchia trophies

There is 22 successes in total to complete Tchia 100%.

New Caledonian

Get all trophies.

Electric battery

Reach 120 stamina points (eat stamina fruit to increase it).

Body and soul

Reach 10 soul meter bars (by finding fruits in temples).

The thing

Find Pwi Dua’s hand and take control of him with a Soul Leap (only possible after the end of the scenario)


Find and open all treasure chests on the map (directly in the open world or by burning the piles of dust)

Fashion victim

Unlock all cosmetic items for Tchia and her boat.


Liberate all enemy camps.

that of Wizz!

Reach 100% progress.

Happy camper

Discover all campfires on the map.

Great traveller

Discover all docks (ports).


Wear the complete pirate outfit for Tchia and her boat.

beep beep

Wear the full Crab outfit.

it rocks

Get a score of 100% in a music sequence.

Energy saving

Burn 3 enemies at once with a single item or explosion.

The adventure continues

Reach the end of the main story.


Unlock all Soul Melodies.


Destroy all Meavora statues.

Ahem ahem

Scream from all angles.

fashion error

Wear the umbrella hat.

Tighten the clamp

Win something in a Grapple Machine.

Hawk eye

Shoot a flying bird with the catapult.

soul gun

Quickly perform a Soul Leap into an object after performing a Soul Throw.

Tchia: full story walkthrough

Are you stuck in a specific place in Tchia’s main scenario? For example, to cut the chains in the factory or laboratory or to look for a chicken egg? Here is the complete solution of the adventure guiding you step by step.

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