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Tchia Chicken Egg: How do you get one for the main mission?

by Ana Lopez
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If Tchia’s main scenario isn’t very long or complicated, some of the quests will give you a hard time. This is the case, for example, of Chapter 4 – The Custom – where you have to find a lot of them sacrifices to the god Meavora to free your father.

Find a dead chicken

Before you get a chicken egg, the easiest way is to complete the mission “find a dead chicken”. WeliWele.

  • Go to WeliWele Island
  • Open your map and use the “where am I” option to locate yourself. You are normally in Dopwa. Then look up the icons of the places you need to go: WeliWele is an apple green “W”. You can see it on your left, then put a pin there to get there more easily.
  • Once there, Gaby will ask you to go to Kweo to pick up a red crab. Lift it up and put it in your inventory.
  • You get the Gaby’s treasure map,
  • Go to Louise in Gutu to get the dead chicken: follow the letter “L” on your compass. Then return to Weliwele.
  • You get a camera: remap key 3 on your keyboard to use it.
  • You also get the undead chicken.

How do you get a chicken egg?

Before exploring, stay at WeliWele and enjoy the chickens at your feet (not all of them are decapitated!).

  1. Find a chicken (if you have already left WeliWele, you can easily find one in the Animal Refuge, in the far north),
  2. Use your Soul Leap (wheel click on PC) and aim for the chicken,
  3. You will then take possession of the chicken and control it,
  4. You will see the option “lay an egg“very easy,
  5. Free the chicken (click wheel) and pick up the freshly laid egg to carry and put it in your inventory

And there you go! Another offer on your list.

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