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Summoners War Chronicles: Wind Vampire Hunter (Mostaza) guide, runes, build and composition

by Ana Lopez
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Mostaza is the awakened transformation of the Nat 5 monster Vampire Hunter Wind in Summoner’s War Chronicles. So much to tell you right off the bat once and for all: it’s the worst Vampire Hunter of the five just released. Not that he’s particularly “bad”, but aside from breaking DEF, he’s not going to do much for your team in the late game. Let’s just say that the kits of his consorts are much more extensive and versatile.

That being said, this is a free 5 Natwhich can be obtained through your Journal of Guard, “History of Monsters” section.

Build DPS

  • Set Rage (4): CRIT Damage +40%
  • Set Blade (2): CRIT Percentage +12%

Substatistics for priority search

Mostaza is therefore a free-to-play DPS Vent, able to replace Naomi or Hellea in certain content on rare occasions.

Mostaza’s equipment

knife strike

CD: 24 seconds

Mana cost: 3

Quickly moves towards enemy target to attack and applies DEF reduction. Reduces damage taken when using Blade Slash.

rapid fire

CD: 24 seconds

Mana cost: 3

Maintain a certain distance from the enemy target and attack three times. When used as a Soulbind ability, it consumes all mana available to the team summoner. The higher the amount of mana consumed, the greater the damage from this attack. The team’s summoner gains all extra mana when Vampire Hunter defeats an enemy summoner or monster.

Ultimate rapid fire

Attack the target three times. Increases damage in proportion to the amount of mana the summoner has.

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