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Summoners War Chronicles: which runes for the best team starter monsters?

by Ana Lopez
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All games in the Summoners War franchise are based on a highly technical feature: the runes. Summoners War Chronicles is no exception, and these little stones will play a big part in your progression. The runic system is almost an exact replica of that of SW Sky Arena, but its assimilation in early in the game differs. Indeed, the top players particularly recommend it don’t dwell too much on the series of runes early in the gamebut rather on the pure statistics of the runes themselves.

In other words, there’s no need to spend hours in the dungeons collecting specific sets. Concentrate on runes with good stats, and that will be more than enough to roll at the start of the game. So here are, for each of the top level monsters that need the recommended team starters, the rune stats to get first.

Preliminary Runes for Team Starter


Recommended set in x1: Premonition

fire fairy


CRIT rate

Accuracy effects

Prio runes for Nat 4 and 5 top level

Wind Martial Cat

Recommended sets: Blade / Rage / Fatal

Critical damage


CRIT rate

Don’t spend too much on runes at first

Acquiring and especially improving runes are real bottomless pits. You can literally spend hours there making/finding the rare pearl.

However, in the early game there is little point in spending too much time on rune optimization. For lower quality runes than Purpleit is strongly advised not to let them go beyond +6.

You can rush WIDELY with runes throughout the beginning of the game Blue 3 stars correctly matched your monsters.

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