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Summoners War Chronicles: Sekhmet guide, runes, build and composition

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles: Sekhmet guide, runes, build and composition

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What are the runes you should put on your Queen of the Desert Fire (Sekhmet)? How do you get the most out of this Nat 5 monster when you’re free to play? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Here we give you the most efficient builds on this character from SW Chronicles.

Sekhmet is the awakened transformation of the Nat 5 monster Queen of the Desert firework in Summoner’s War Chronicles. This is undoubtedly the most coveted and most useful Nat 5 at the beginning of the game. His second ability, Charming voice, is simply overpowered as it will steal the opponent’s beneficial effects. So Sekhmet will very easily find its place in your compositions, whether in PVE against bosses, or even in the PVP arena.

Build DPS

  • Set Blade (2): Critical Percentage +12%
  • Set Rage (4): Critical Damage +40%
Summoners War Chronicles

Substatistics for priority search

  • Effects Accuracy (100%)
  • Crit percentage
  • Crit Damage (minor than the first two stats)
  • The priority on this build will be to apply Sekhmet’s effects.

Sekhmet’s equipment

blessing of beauty

CD: 24 seconds

Mana cost: 3

Ominous energy rains down from the sky to attack enemies in the area three times. Applies Silence with a fixed probability if the target has no beneficial effects.

charming voice

CD: 30 seconds

Mana cost: 4

Raises the staff high to attack the enemy target and steal all the beneficial effects. Applies the DEF reduction to the target if the flight is successful.

Ultimate mesmerizing voice

Borrows the ancient power to attack enemies in the area and steals all beneficial effects.

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