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Summoners War Chronicles: Iselia guide, runes, build and composition

by Ana Lopez
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Summoners War Chronicles: Iselia guide, runes, build and composition

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What are the runes to put on your Fire Fairy (Iselia)? How do you get the most out of this Nat 3 monster when you’re free to play? What are its strengths and weaknesses? Here we give you the most efficient builds on this character from SW Chronicles.

Iselia is the awakened transformation of the Nat 3 Fairy monster firework in Summoner’s War Chronicles. Iselia is one of the monsters that you can easily get into the game as it is offered in the Lapis related event. His role within your team will be to deal damage while attacking and defending your targets. She can also burn enemies with her area attack. You can play it in a free-to-play composition like below:

  • Konamiya, Shannon and Iselia

Build DPS

  • Set Blade (2): Critical Percentage +12%
  • Set Rage (4): Critical Damage +40%
  • Fatal set (4): Attack +35%

Runes 2/4/6 Core Stats

  • Rune 2: Attack %
  • Rune 4: Critical Damage
  • Rune 6: Attack %
Summoners War Chronicles

Substatistics for priority search

  • Crit percentage
  • Critical damage
  • Offensive %
  • Accuracy of effects when you need it
  • By playing it with one of these sets, you can have a monster capable of dealing massive damage to your enemies while removing their attack and defense buffs.

Iselia’s package

double arrow

CD: 24 seconds (18 seconds at level 7)

Mana cost: 3

Launches orbs to attack 2 random enemies in the area. Dispels the attack boost if the enemy takes advantage of it, then applies an attack reduction if it doesn’t have one.

rain of arrows

CD: 30 seconds (24 seconds at level 7)

Mana cost: 4

40-60% chance to apply or replace a buff/debuff.

Shoot skyward arrows that rain down to attack enemies in the area 4 times and replaces the increase in fire defense with a flat chance on each hit. Also applies a defense reduction to enemies suffering from fires.

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