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Summoners War Chronicles: how to get free crystals when you are free to play

by Ana Lopez
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Have you just started Summoners War Chronicles and are you overwhelmed by all kinds of rewards? However, one of them will soon fail you: the Crystals. These little pink stones are the central currency of the game, allowing you to summon and move on once the halfway through the game hit. It is therefore important not to spend them anyway, and most importantly start actively breeding them as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that good crystal farming is very possible for free players; You just need to be diligent and know two or three tricks.

1 – Complete daily missions and events

We can never say it enough. Diligence is an important trait if you’re serious about approaching a game-stamped Summoners War. Be regular in completing your daily and weekly missions, as well as completing limited-time events.

Any event or part of daily quests that are ignored means potential crystals are lost forever!

Summoners War Chronicles

2 – Catch them all!

Here’s a little-known method that allows you to collect crystals for a long time…while growing AFK!

  • All you have to do is go to your Creature Book and then select a mob from the bestiary.
  • Click on “spawn area”
  • A mini map will appear with a red dot indicating the mob spawn.
  • Click on “Go”
  • You enter an automatic mode that allows you to automatically farm these mobs in the open world.
Summoners War Chronicles

Certain mafia elimination levels will earn you crystals.

3 – The service booklet

The “Region dungeon” section of the “Guard journal” tab opens the way to several thousand crystals, which are very easy to collect. Dungeons appear in three difficulty levels for each explored region. With every first win you earn a lot of crystals through this Guard Journal.

Not enough to collect crystals here indefinitely, but this method will get you a lot of them in a short amount of time.

Summoners War Chronicles

4 – Playing with the HV (Trading Office)

If you are a trader at heart, feel free to play with the Auction House (Dealing Office). Taking advantage of this feature takes time and attention, but you can literally make a fortune from it..

You need a small number of Rahilds to gain access to the club, but if you play smart, the payback is quick.

For example, you can look at items that are on sale and buy items that seem very cheap to you, only to resell them for a higher price. It’s not very good for the macro economy of the game, but it’s good for your wallet.

You can also sell collected materials to the HV.

remember that Rahilds are exchangeable for jingling and tripping crystals!

5 – Reach silver rank 3

Arena PVP also regularly gives you crystals, but we recommend doing thisreach the Silver III rank to get nice amounts without much effort. A lower rank than Silver III is fine, but you can hit more without too much effort. Past the Silver III rank, do it if you can, but the extra crystals thus perceived don’t warrant as much investment in PVP.

For more guides and tips on Summoners War Chronicles, don’t hesitate to check out our complete walkthrough of the game with all the tier lists, the best runes for each major monster, the Dungeon guides and of course the latest info on patches and trendy banners!

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