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Sons of the Forest GPS Locator: How to Use Them Properly

by Ana Lopez
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While it makes sense how GPS works since this is ultimately the Sons of the Forest map, it’s not clear how GPS locators are used if you’ve never held one in your hands. works: let’s see it together.

GPS finder: how does it work?

You will surely wonder how to use the antennas that can create real landmarks on your map. There is nothing easier for this: plant a stick in the ground and then take the GPS locator in your hands by taking it from the inventory. Approach the stick, you should be able to put it on, and that’s it! Once Virginia is no longer afraid of you, you can put a GPS locator in her inventorythis allows you to track her when she goes for a walk, or simply locate your base of operations.

Sons of the Forest

GPS: an essential tool for survival

Without it, there is no way to get your bearings or easily see where the interesting parts of the forest are. You recover it from your first minutes of play and you will have to press M to take it out of your pocket, then it’s simple, the noted points are other people’s recipients or the famous locators as we mentioned a little above. Compared to The Forest, the island is easily twice the size in this new installment and is full of curiosities, sometimes very dangerous, just waiting to be discovered.

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