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Sons of the Forest Gold Armor: How to get the best armor in the game?

by Ana Lopez
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To survive the sometimes very intense battles of Sons of the Forest, the ultimate armor you will covet sooner or later is called gold and sober golden armour, a very unobtrusive but devilishly effective piece of clothing. Unfortunately, it’s only accessible to players well advanced in the game, and we explain how to get your hands on it in this detailed guide.

Find the golden armor in Sons of the Forest

Extremely powerful and quite beautiful by the way, thegolden armour is a real must-have that everyone appreciates to have in their possession to defeat terrifying hordes of enemies. In Sons of the Forest, obtaining this armor requires a number of conditions:

Check out each of these guides to find out how to get these various tools that are essential to progressing through the game sooner or later. Once all these beautiful people are in your inventory, your goal is to get to the green dot surrounded by green and white that is furthest southwest on your GPS, beyond the snowy mountains:

Sons of the Forest

You will then find a cave that is almost hidden. Enter it and find an entrance at the very back that leads to a ruined and largely disused bunker. Once you’re inside, take an immediate left to come across a door that leads to the Maintenance card to be able to move forward (the upper road only leads to a dead end).

Continue your progress until you discover a cutscene. After this you can go straight ahead (unless you want to find the Golf Club) to get into a stairwell. Immediately turn left (right is a dead end) and head to level 2 as the rest is just dead ends.

Sons of the Forest

In the office directly on your right you will find the Leather coat, a piece of clothing. In the next office you will find some provisions and a Graphic printed. The last office is completely ransacked and contains nothing famous except thegolden armour, the extremely powerful armor you’ve been looking for. This is on the sofa.

Sons of the Forest

Continue your hellish descent to level 5, crossing the corridor until you reach the locked door at the bottom. Don’t go in right away, on the left is an operating room where you can do a Book and the golden maskthe latter will be used to defuse enemies, provided they haven’t already spotted you when you equip it.

Then use your Maintenance label to open the door and find the entrance to a very uncomforting cave. It actually just leads you to the exit of the bunker, a little further on the island.

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