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Sons of the Forest compound bow: where to find the best bow in the game?

by Ana Lopez
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To survive on the steep dark paths of the forest of Sons of the Forest, there is an unknown element you must try to invoke to ease your progress in this hostile place: theBow with pulleys (Or compound bow), and by extension the Carbon arrows belonging to it of course! Accessible quite late in the game, and we explain how in this detailed guide.

Find the compound arch in Sons of the Forest

Far superior to the simple Arc you got at the start of the game, thecompound bow is one of the ultimate ranged weapons in Sons of the Forest. Unfortunately, you must have unlocked access to certain requirements to gain access:

Check out each of these guides to find out how to get these various tools that are essential to progressing through the game sooner or later. Once all these beautiful people are in your inventory, your goal is to go on your GPS to the southernmost green point surrounded by green and white on the western part of the island:

Sons of the Forest

On site you will discover a huge camp of cannibals and lots of provisions to collect in the small wooden boxes (which are destructible). Take your time beating your opponents one by one as they are particularly numerous, then head to the back of the camp just before the little golf cart.

Here you have to dig with the Spade to discover a new bunker entrance, as you’ve probably discovered before: this time it’s the Service point C ! Go in and don’t waste too much time because the whole bunker is empty except for the one item you’re looking for: thecompound bow. This is in the bathroom, after taking the first right, go straight ahead to find it near a man in bad shape by the bathtub.

Sons of the Forest

At the moment there is nothing else to do in this bunker. Retrace your steps and continue your adventure quietly, that’s all!

The arrows of the compound bow in Sons of the Forest

Contrary to what one might think, the Compound Bow is capable of shooting any type of arrow: or Arrows banal, or Carbon arrows or ArrowS 3D printed, all of which are useful for this formidable. To get them all, do the following:


  • 4x Pebble : Look on the ground and collect the small stones there. Not to be confused with the Stones which is of no use to this boss!
  • 2x Stick : Prune bushes or small shrubs to get some quick, it is an extremely easy and quick element to work
  • 2x Resilience : Make a birdhouse or hunt birds by hand to get them

3D printed arrows

They must be created from a Printer 3D in some bunkers on the island. Once near the printer, scroll down until you see “Arrow“. In exchange for 50 milliliters printer resin found everywhere (and especially in bunkers and human camps), the printer makes you 5 3D printed arrows.

Carbon arrows

These are by far the most powerful arrows in Sons of the Forest. Unfortunately, they’re also the only ones that aren’t player craftable, so you’ll have to rely on your luck to get your hands on them. In general, they are found quite regularly in bunkers and abandoned human camps.

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