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Sons of the Forest Chainsaw: How did you get this powerful weapon?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through Sons of the Forest, you’ll eventually be able to get your hands on a weapon as powerful as appreciated by fans of the Survival Horror genre: the Chainsaw (electric chainsaw)! This weapon will replace your usual melee weapons for a while and will probably end up in your favorites anyway, and we explain how to get it soon!

Get the Chainsaw in Sons of the Forest

After a few hours in the bleak forest of Sons of the Forest, you’ll probably be looking to progress through the game’s story, not the same urgent chance to get your hands on increasingly formidable weapons. Among the most sought after, of course, is the famous and indispensable chainsaw. Unfortunately, you have to meet a certain number of requirements before you can hope to find it:

After obtaining each of these objects, you can finally access the bunker at the location marked with a circled white dot, the westernmost on the island:

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

  • Attention : This bunker is populated by many very hostile creatures. Prepare accordingly, you just might lose your skin!

After entering the bunker, take an immediate left down the hallway to come across a very bright room that requires the VIP badge to access the suite. Use it, you will then enter a huge disused gym. Collect the few provisions there, then go to the room on the left: a weight room (the pool on the right is completely empty)!

Sons of the Forest

Continue your progress straight by searching the environment, you will be able to find some Energy drinks And Substances. In the room next door are some amenities, but especially the Pajamas like clothing in the rightmost room of the spa. To access the suite, climb the stairs in the large bright living room, you will come across an indoor swimming pool with some amenities.

Sons of the Forest

Just to the right of the indoor pool, keep an eye out and you’ll discover a double locked door. Use your VIP badge to enter a long, very bright corridor littered with corpses, continue until you fall into a small room. On the right is an exit to the outside, while on the far left is a door leading to a private cinema room.

Sons of the Forest

Over there Chainsaw can be found planted in a corpse sitting in an ottoman in the front row. Congratulations, you now own the formidable Chainsaw ! Be careful, its use is limited and must be charged via batteries!

Sons of the Forest

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