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Skull Shaker Resident Evil 4: Where Can You Get This DLC Weapon?

by Ana Lopez
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There are two special weapons specifically for Resident Evil 4 limited edition content, including the Skull Shaker, a sawed-off shotgun that should help you early in the game, but will soon show its limits. Feel free to trade it in for the Riot Rifle when you get the chance.

How do you get the Skull Shaker?

Like the Handcannon or the Chicago Sweeper, the Skull Shaker falls into the special weapons category of this remake of Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately, it is impossible to unlock it in the traditional way, you will necessarily have to go to the cashier to get it . If you are the lucky owner of one of the special editions of the game, you can find this DLC gun on every typewriter in the game.

Resident Evil 4

Maximum stats

  • Power : 7.24
  • magazine capacity: 4
  • Reload speed: 3 cartridges
  • Rate of Fire : 0.66

Watch out for special weapons

Some challenges require you to complete the game in certain ranks and/or difficulty levels, in particular unlimited ammo for certain weapons. In these parts you need to be systematic resume with a new save, but also ban all special weapons for the duration of your session. Therefore, be careful when using your DLC weapon, it can cancel the acquisition of certain content.

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