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Resident Evil 4 Remake: 10 tips for rolling through on professional difficulty

by Ana Lopez
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Ready to take on the biggest challenges of Resident Evil 4 version 2023? We’ll give you an inventory of everything to look out for before starting the famous pro difficulty: the latter makes enemies more powerful, cancels auto saves and reduces the counter window with the blade. This is a necessary step to get all bonus weapons in play and complete the trophy list.

New Game Plus: Set your endgame goals

Here you are, you’ve beaten the game for the first time and you’re probably wondering what to do to further wring out the game’s content. The answer is quite simple: restart the game, but complete it faster and under more complicated conditions. The first thing you should do is check out the challenges in the game’s extras to determine what goals you want to set for your next run. We recommend that you first get rank A as a pro for the Chicago Sweeper before attempting to get the Handcannon in a new game. With these two additional weapons alone, you should boost the lifespan by at least 15 or 20 hours.

Which weapons to choose

Nothing but the best of the best for your second half, if you are in a new game, you can improve the arsenal we recommended to you in our selection in the link below. In this list of weapons, the last one you collect during your first game is the Killer 7, so logically the most expensive to maxx. Also, don’t forget that unlimited ammunition for the rocket launcher can only be found at the merchant, for the modest sum of 2,000,000 pesetas.

Merchant: improvements and optimization

Weapon upgrades should remain your priority throughout the adventure, but don’t forget to spend your spinels on his requests. Some items in his special inventory, such as cases or weapon accessoriescan help you further optimize your progress in the game’s 16 chapters, your routes and don’t forget the best combination of treasures.

The shooting range and the hunt for lucky charms

We recommend that you wring out the contents of the firing range before continuing with the new game plus, at least until you get lucky charms that suit you. For games that require short playtimes, the Striker charm is a killer, as is the one that boosts your magnum ammo while crafting. Keep in mind that the last grandstand contains all the events from the previous grandstands to try as many events as possible and avoid wasting time.

Know the solution of the puzzles by heart

This gives you a significant advantage, if only to reduce the time to go through the chapters. We think in particular of the riddle of the clock in chapter 9 with Ashley: by knowing the position of the hands from the beginning, you no longer have to go to the other end of the room and you can go straight down to the Mausoleum. In the cold room of Chapter 13, once the LE5 is recovered for the first time, there is no need to redo the second computer puzzle.

Resident Evil 4 Remake: Solve all the puzzles of the chapters

Resident Evil 4 Remake contains many new puzzles compared to the original game, with observation and sometimes logic puzzles. In this walkthrough, we will tell you how to easily complete the puzzles of each chapter, avoiding spoilers as much as possible.

Chapters: Find the moments when you can avoid battles

Sometimes it’s better not to wear yourself out emptying your magazines on enemies and you’ll get a much better deal when planning each mission’s objectives. In the same vein as for the solutions of the riddles, it will help you a lot if you know the progress of all the chapters. We think in particular of the ballroom and its insects that land without interruption, or of boss Verdugo in the same chapter. In addition, the game contains many shortcuts, spotted by the players and you can see an example below.

The knife is your best friend

We can’t say it often enough, the counter mechanisms introduced in this remake are absolutely brilliant and to get by in pro mode you definitely need it. The best way to level up correctly and understand the tighter timing of the pro mode is to unlock the survival blade by destroying the 16 mechanical squires scattered throughout all chapters of the rescue mission. His special upgrade makes him indestructible, so you can experiment over and over until you find the exact moments to counter.

Ammunition to save

Some types of bullets are much rarer than others: you should have no trouble building up a decent supply of bullets for the gun, but expect to run out of shotgun or magnum bullets soon, albeit rarer. For the latter, it is possible to buy the recipe from the merchant, but their production costs are significant. The wisest thing is still to stock up on typewriters and force yourself not to use them for certain occasions, such as the last bosses in history, for example.

Flash grenade and fast U-turn

Two combat tips that have saved us from many situations. If the number of plagas is high, it is possible to destroy them all at once with blinding grenades. The recipe to make them is one of the items you should buy from the merchant first, it is very useful and doesn’t necessarily cost much to make. To fast U-turn, present in all Resident Evil games for a long time, you have to tilt the stick back and press L1 / RB.

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