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Resident Evil 4 merchant: All the items you need to buy first with your spinels and your pesetas

by Ana Lopez
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An emblematic figure of the game, the trader has a French voice for the first time in this remake of Resident Evil 4. The one who will not let go of your entire mission, fortunately, will offer many services that you would find interesting if you want to increase your chances of survival during the 16 chapters of this “new” RE4.

Discounts and item purchases in the chapters

It doesn’t matter what chapter you are in and even if you don’t have much to say to him, take the reflex to always consult the trader. Very often his inventory will expand, be it the one with pesetas or spinels and in addition, certain objects will benefit from special discounts (the time of a chapter). These are unique opportunities and you’ll have to use them systematically before they evaporate in the next chapter.

Which items to buy first?

  • Larger suitcase models
  • One weapon of each type to expend all your ammo types
  • making recipes
  • The bulletproof vest

Treasure combos and item resale

Resident Evil 4 Remake uses the Resident Evil Village treasure placement system and certain sets of stones can double the initial value of a jewel. It is the main source of money in the gameso we suggest you keep as many gems as you can, to put them into even more valuable items later. Please also note that all keys can be resold once they are no longer usable.

Lucky charm

  • Some of the good luck charms you can pick up at the shooting range will give you special discounts on some items, but these are of epic quality and therefore very hard to find.

Spinels: which items to buy with request currency

It is quite possible to encounter spinels during exploration, but it is extremely rare : The surest way to ensure a small supply of this stone, which the merchant loves, is to complete all the requests you come across. Between the blue medallions to destroy, the rats to exterminate, even the side bosses to weld… The objectives are varied and some of the rewards are really rewarding, we highly recommend trying them all on your journey. complete.

What items should you buy with your spinels?

  • Special upgrade tickets
  • Weapon accessories such as the sight
  • Colored housings that change component failure rates

Weapon upgrades

With the exception of the rocket launcher, the stats of all weapons in the game can be increased by large sums of money and in 5 different categories:

  • Power,
  • magazine capacity
  • Reload speed
  • Rate of fire

All weapons are not worth the same, so their upgrade costs vary greatly depending on their specific abilities. At some point in the game, the merchant will let you know that there are special skills for sale. These are unlocked by leveling a weapon to maximum level anywhere, or by purchasing a special 30 spinel upgrade ticket. It should be noted that special upgrades also cost several tens of thousands of pesetas.

Which weapons to upgrade first?

  • Knives : Enemy counter and knockbacks are too high. First improve their resistance.
  • The guns : you will need it constantly and it is the type of weapon for which you will easily have the most ammunition.
  • the guns: Ranged weapons are essential in many arenas in the game and their power will often get you out of trouble.

shooting range

This special attraction is only available in certain instances of the store, once per major sector of the game to be exact. And ignoring them would be a serious mistake: by trying to complete the missions and bonus objectives, you can get back the precious good luck charms that we mentioned a bit above. For more information, you can refer to the guide below and above don’t be afraid to leave them without completing some of their objectives, each stand offers all available sessions for the chapter you are in.

Merchant and New Game +

Have you decided to start a second game in New Game Plus? Wonderful idea, especially as it’s been managed really well in this remake. During these new runs, you keep absolutely everything you had when you finished the game, but on the scout side, all counters are set to 0 (except the squire dolls). This means that you will have new opportunities to buy upgrade tickets and collect these types of extremely rare consumables.

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