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Resident Evil 4 drawer: how to open them and find their treasures?

by Ana Lopez
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To improve your weapons and buy new ones in Resident Evil 4, treasures are the sinews of war. Some are stored directly in the environment, while others require more complex handling. This is the case with the well-known drawers, which you cannot open immediately.

How to open the drawers?

You will encounter them very soon, from the famous village survival series. By frantically searching the tiniest object in the houses, you inevitably fall upon the famous locked drawer in one of the houses. To open it you have to be patient and it’s not the only sealed piece of furniture you have to unlock during the main chapters. But a bit like the little altars, we advise you not to worry about it right away and by the way, the principle of the drawers is introduced very quickly in chapter 2: by searching the environment you will find single-use keys against exactly used to open the famous drawers. Note that once you have interacted with it, the closed drawers will be indicated directly on your map.

Resident Evil 4

What’s in the drawers?

If you do not necessarily want to collect all the treasures in the game, you can do without opening the drawers, there are no weapons or valuable tools in them. It often contains beautiful pieces, which are sold for a small fortune at the dealer. You will encounter them during your mission and mission some are valuable enough to be placed with the gems you’ve collected from enemies and from the various chests scattered during exploration.

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