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Resident Evil 4 clock: How do you call them with Ashley in Chapter 9?

by Ana Lopez
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After completing the statue with the 3 animal heads, Leon is imprisoned and it’s up to Ashley to beat the rest of Chapter 9 of Resident Evil 4. Get ready to race through the aisles of the castle’s gigantic library.

The only stage with Ashley

The president’s daughter probably doesn’t know how to defend herself and all you can do during this whole section is run, over and over again. Fortunately, this stage of the game is much more acceptable than that of the original game and Ashley is much more resourceful than her ancestor on Gamecube. We’re talking about half a chapter here, which should take you no more than fifteen minutes in total, so nothing insurmountable. There are one or two more manipulations to do with the mechanisms of the library, including the duo of clocks that interest us here.

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What time should the clocks be set?

Once you reach Leon, head left to find a paper on a desk marked VIIXII. It is therefore necessary to set the time of the clocks exactly to 07:00, whether it is this one or the one you came across a little earlier. But watch out, if you turn the time back or don’t set the hands so that the clock strikes 07:00, it won’t work. The concern, on the second clock, is that you first need to seed the armor you’re chasing with a good head start to allow hands to touch undisturbed. Lose them on the library shelves, it shouldn’t be very complicated.

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