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Resident Evil 4 Ballroom: How to easily pass it to Chapter 10?

by Ana Lopez
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Resident Evil 4 Remake Walkthrough: Tips and Complete Guide

Resident Evil 4 Ballroom: How to easily pass it to Chapter 10?

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The beginning of Chapter 10 of Resident Evil 4 Remake is marked by a gruesome ballroom arena. You will have to open the gates by operating two levers, but on the way the number of enemies can drain all your weapons. Here’s a video walkthrough on the hardcore difficulty.

The difficulty kicks up a notch in Chapter 10 of Resident Evil 4 and it starts very strong the ballroom arena, ravaged by Novastador. These insect enemies are not very powerful, but their ability to blend into the background and their sheer numbers can really drive you crazy. Let’s see how to cross it without too much effort, with the best way to finish it quickly.

How do you pass the ballroom?

You can rely on the gameplay video captured in hardcore at the top of the article: there were a few mistakes along the way, but generally the short rate to open everything quickly is respected. You will have to sprint over everything so as not to be overwhelmed by insects come out of the ground, others are camouflaged in the decor so be careful. Once through the door to the room, go down the stairs and quickly go up the opposite stairs and walk along the balcony to the first light switch. Jump over the ledge on your left. Back on the ground floor, run across and fire a few rounds from your Riot Rifle if necessary. There is a very small route under the balcony, up to a ladder: be careful, as you can see in our gameplay, bugs can interrupt your ascent. Activate the second switch, jump to the right and the room exit should be directly to your left.

Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

Why quickly pass the room?

There are many treasures and items to be found in this room, but we can’t advise you to do a quick search first. The number of enemies is maddening and you risk toasting all your ammo on them if you decide to clear it all. Considering the arenas to come, trust us, it’s better to be frugal: in addition to a final boss at the end of the chapter, an arena with two Garrador awaits you a little further on. It is also in this section that you can find one of the rarest treasures of the entire Leon mission. And don’t worry, you can go back to this room later in the story and more generally explore the castle as you please.

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