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Regieleki Pokémon GO: The best counters to beat it in Elite Raid

by Ana Lopez
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A whole new kind of Raid is now available on Pokémon GO: it allows you to capture extremely rare and powerful creatures, such as Rule eki. Unfortunately, these Raids are limited in time and you’ll need to be reactive if you don’t want to miss them!

What is an Elite Attack?

Did you notice the Raid Eggs this weekend with a count of 24 hours ? These are Elite raids! Once the countdown is over, you’ll have just 30 minutes to take on the Raid Boss.

  • It is impossible to create an Elite Raid remotely : you are obliged to move,
  • Very powerful, you have to gather as many people as possible to try and succeed the fight,
  • It is possible to catch the pokemon if you succeed in the battle,

Regieleki’s first Elite Raids began on Sunday, April 9 at 11am, 2pm and 5pm.

Don’t worry if you missed an Elite Raid, more will be coming back during the Season of Light!

Pokémon GO

How to beat Regieleki?

Regulatory is type Electric. This means that it is very weak against type attacks. Floor !

  • Capture PC: between 1524 and 1602
  • Boosted capture CP: between 1905 and 2022 (boosted by Rain)

Here are the best Pokemon you can use to beat it more easily:

Groudon / Primo-Groudon

Of Mud shot And Pangan knife


Of Coud’Mud And Earthquake


Of Coud’Mud And Earthquake

Mega Lagoon

Of Build shootAn Earthquake

Carcha croc

Of Mud shot And Earth force

Regieleki glossy: is it available?

Unfortunately, Regieleki is still not available in a chromatic version of the game. Here’s what they look like to the most curious:

Normal Controls - Pokemon GO
normal control
Regieleki shiny - Pokemon GO
Directing glossy

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