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Putter Sons of the Forest: where to find the golf club to play golf?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the bleak forest of Sons of the Forest, you’ll come across some unconventional weapons. Among them is the Golf Club (Putter) as well golf balls who accompany him. Although weak, this weapon will delight players looking for fun little winks, and we explain how to get it in this detailed guide

Find the golf club in Sons of the Forest

Although weak, the Golf Club is actually a good way to have fun in Sons of the Forest because you can play golf with it (surprising, huh?). Unfortunately, you must have unlocked access to certain requirements to gain access:

Check out each of these guides to find out how to get these various tools that are essential to progressing through the game sooner or later. Once all these beautiful people are in your inventory, your goal is to get to the green dot surrounded by green and white that is furthest southwest on your GPS, beyond the snowy mountains:

Sons of the Forest

You will then find a cave that is almost hidden. Enter it and find an entrance at the very back that leads to a ruined and largely disused bunker. Once you’re inside, take an immediate left to come across a door that leads to the Maintenance card to be able to move forward (the upper road only leads to a dead end).

Continue slowly until you come across a closed brown door. Open it, because the other road available to you is still a dead end. You are then entitled to a cutscene after which your only path lies in front of you. In the next room, to your right, you can access a room where several emails will be revealed to you that reveal certain elements of the Sons of the Forest plot.

Straight ahead, on the other hand, you can continue your way until a new intersection. On the right is a new office where you Golf Club planted in a corpse lying on the couch. You will also find a few golf balls in the same room, as well as a 3D printer.

Sons of the Forest

Find other golf balls in Sons of the Forest

As nice as it sounds, different golf balls can be found in the first part of the island of Sons of the Forest, and in the same location you will find an email stating that Miles Goldstein is furious that her employees would have spent their time building a golf course without ever getting to it to think about one Golf Club nor golf balls.

Guess what? It is in the mouth of the man who received this email that you can get a new one Golf ball, as well as three others near him! As a reminder, this place is located in the westernmost part of the island, quite close to the sea. From the location where the Baton can be found, head towards the small lake to the northwest to drop into a camp at the base of a waterfall, where you will find the golf balls (as well as the can opener by the way).

Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest

And as you might have hoped, it is possible to play golf in Sons of the Forest! Find one Ball by golfplace it on the ground and with you Golf Club equipped target pointing down. By “attacking”, you are instead putting yourself at risk with your club. A joke without much interest but above all funny, especially if you know the history surrounding this sport in this game!

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