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Pre-registration Dofus Retro: How to join Parchomancia?

by Ana Lopez
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On the occasion of the upcoming deployment of servers temporis dedicated to Dofus Retro, Ankama is now offering future players the opportunity to pre-register to anticipate their arrival in the game. from Wednesday, April 19, 2023 for a gaming experience of about two months. This is an important step, especially if you choose to play with friends, so hurry up pre-registration ends on Sunday, April 16, 2023not later !

  • Only players who subscribe to Dofus have access to the Temporis servers. Subscriptions can be paid in Kamas, the in-game currency, or with real money (approximately €5 per month).

Why pre-register for Dofus Retro?

Pre-registration on the Temporis Dofus servers is a common step in these versions of the game, so that future players can anticipate their arrival in Temporis Retro 2, in this particular case, by reserving a seat on one of the servers served by Ankama. delivered. So you benefit from guaranteed access to the server of your choice, as well as certain bonuses exclusive to pre-registered players. Here’s what you can do with pre-registration:

  • Start creating your character (Class, Gender and Server)
  • Reserve your character name
  • Register on the same server as your friends
  • You get a Yé Shortbread, which restores 50 lives. Once consumed, the Sablé Yé reappears in the next battle’s loot!

New for this edition of Temporis: if you pre-register and create a new character, you also get one Shortbread Ye at the end of a battle, provided you don’t already have one in your inventory.

How can I pre-register to play Dofus Retro?

The pre-registration system on the Dofus Retro Temporis servers is extremely simple.

First of all you have to create an account Certainly the official site dedicated to Dofus. Fill in the elements that will be asked of you (Last name, First name, valid email, etc.) then log in to the same account at the page dedicated to ParchoMancia: The Tower of Challenges. Here you now have the option to choose from 8 servers, each with a total of 8,000 seats. Of course, some are already full at the time of writing, so you’ll be inherently limited in your options: make sure you choose the same server as your friends, and that there’s room for each of them.

Retro Dofus

Once you have selected your server, all you have to do is enter the name you want to give to your future character, the gender and of course the class of the twelve available in Dofus Retro:

Then complete your pre-registration by clicking on TO CONFIRM in the footer to be redirected to an overview page. If it says “Congratulations, your registration has been registered.“, then all is well: you are pre-registered for the Temporis version of Dofus Retro! You are then free to send up to ten invitations to your friends to join your server through the invitation system offered on the Where page are you !

Only then will access to your selected server be availablefrom Wednesday, April 19, 2023, date when the Temporis version of Dofus Retro is rolled out. You can then play however you want. until Wednesday, June 21, 2023after which the Temporis servers are shut down again.

Get started Dofus Retro

1.29 is quite an old version, but some of the reflexes you can have on 2.XX will be useful to you! If you’re a newbie, or veteran with amnesia, this article is for you!

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