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Pokémon GO Golden Lure: ‘What is it for and how do I get it?

by Ana Lopez
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Mordudor and Gromago recently arrived in Pokémon GO, and these gold-hungry creatures didn’t come alone. Indeed, a rather special lure has also arrived. Let’s find out together what it is for and, above all, how to acquire this object.

Pokémon GO gold lure: how do you get one?

There are many decoys available in Pokémon. They can be obtained by completing one-time or special studies, through codes, or by purchasing gift packs from the store. As for the gold module, the latter is not obtained by this mania.

To get hold of a golden bait, you must own both a Switch and a Pokémon Scarlet or Purple game. Indeed, it is thanks to the communication between the versions and Pokémon GO that it is possible to have them. To be more precise, you need to send 5 postcards to your game on Switch to have a single Golden Lure on your Pokémon GO account. If you want to know how the connection between the games works, we invite you to consult the article about Mordudor below.

Pokémon GO Golden Lure: what’s it for?

In Pokémon GO, Lure Modules are used to attract Pokémon to a PokéStop. Some of them also give access to specific evolutions like the Gacial Lure that allows you to have Givrali for example. In the case of the Golden Lure Module, it is special.

It does not allow you to evolve a specific Pokémon or spawn creatures in greater numbers (except Mordudor). Anyway, this allows you to transform a PokéStop into a golden PokéStop. This change will allow you to get more items by rotating the PokéStop’s PhotoDisc, but also get Mordudor Coins which are used to make it evolve into Gromago.

  • Duration of a gold lure: 30 minutes
  • Pokemon that appear: Mordudor
  • Effect : Turns a PokéStop into a gold PokéStop.

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