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WhatsApp launches standalone smartwatch app for Wear OS

by Ana Lopez
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WhatsApp has finally launched its standalone app for smartwatches running Google’s Wear OS, after a long wait and months of beta testing.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday the launch of the WhatsApp app for Wear OS that allows users to start new conversations, reply to messages and make VoIP calls without having to carry their connected phone.

The app, which is rolling out to users worldwide today, is compatible with smartwatches running Wear OS 3. It allows users to send and receive text and voice messages, emojis and quick replies right from their wrist.

At its developer-focused I/O conference in May, Google announced the release of WhatsApp’s Wear OS app. The app was initially released as a beta version and is expected to be available to the public shortly thereafter.

During the I/O keynote, Google also unveiled new and improved Wear OS apps from third-party companies, including Spotify and Peloton, and announced updates to its own apps, such as Google Home, Gmail, and Calendar, to give Wear OS an updated experience. to offer-based smartwatches.

Unlike Wear OS, Apple’s watchOS does not currently have a standalone WhatsApp app. This means users on the Apple Watch get a limited experience, such as no native option to message or call via WhatsApp from the smartwatch. However, Apple does allow you to view and respond to your incoming messages through your Apple Watch screen if you have enabled it correct notification settings from your iPhone. Nevertheless, the Apple Watch does continued to dominate the overall smartwatch market for quite some time now.

Google is pushing to take Apple Watch dominance by improving Wear OS, adding new manufacturers, and bringing new apps and experiences to the platform. During the I/O keynote, the Android maker proclaimed Wear OS the fastest growing smartwatch platform in the world fivefold growth recorded since the release of Wear OS 3 in 2021.

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