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Pearl Tchia: Where can you find holy water pearls on the map?

by Ana Lopez
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While the colorful new game, Tchia, has a fairly short and simplistic storyline, some missions are more complex than others and you’ll need to find hard-to-find resources.

Harvest your first holy water pearls

At the very beginning of the game, in Chapter 2, you need to collect two beads for Tre’s habit. They are not easy to find for the good reason that they are not on the boat but below! No need for a bathing suit, dive headfirst into the ocean.

Stay well around the boat and spot purple glow while going underwater. Watch your stamina, which will be very low at first. You have to come to the surface every now and then to catch your breath.

  • There is a first pearl directly under the boat, on the sand under water,
  • There are pearls on the four corners of the boat, on corals.

Where can you find other pearls?

Tre won’t be the only character asking you for pearls! THE head of Hunahmi village also want three, and Kavere Also. The pearls are still in the giant shells at the bottom of the water, but more specifically in the oceans ! You won’t find any in the rivers. So find a sandy beach and dive.

Use your soul jump on a dolphin or a fish to swim faster and more easily see the purple glow, symbols of pearls. Otherwise, here are the exact locations of the giant shell pearls thanks to the interactive map:


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