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New Game Plus Resident Evil 4 Remake: All about RE4 Remake endgame content

by Ana Lopez
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You risk making a big mistake by completing the Resident Evil 4 remake just once: Capcom’s title has more than one argument up its sleeve to push you to continue exploring the possibilities of the gameplay. the various elements that make up the endgame of this 2023-style reread.

Principles of the new game plus

Resident Evil 4 Remake’s ng+ is particularly generous: resuming your save from a full first game, you can walk away with all your upgraded weapons, all your items and even your money. The keys you collected during your first crossing of the 16 chapters will be gone, so don’t hesitate to resell them to the merchant as soon as the opportunity arises. It is a mode that allows you to practice and learn the chapters well considering the latest challenges and their super difficult conditions to complete. Finally, the merchant will replenish his stock and there will even be new toys, such as the unlimited rocket launcher.

Resident Evil 4

Professional difficulty

The difficulty level is unlocked after beating the game for the first time. You are free to start an NG+ game with it, but beware, completing certain challenges (including the one to get the hand cannon) necessarily requires the creation of a new game. If you find the game unchallenging, even in hardcore, the pro mode is a great opportunity to put your skills to the test. With no autosave and tight timing to run knife counters, this is the most interesting phase of the entire endgame of this remake.

Resident Evil 4

The biggest challenges

From this famous list of challenges will flow the rest of the game’s unlockable content.Whether bonus weapons, costumes or even trophies, you will necessarily have to complete the huge list of objectives to complete. It can be accessed at any time during the adventure in the Extras category of the menu. To see which challenges unlock certain items, keep an eye out for the little crown symbol displayed on their row.

Resident Evil 4

New suits

New costumes cannot be changed at will during a game, or at least not instantly. The appearance of our two main characters can only be changed from the main menu of the game. To see the unlock conditions and the price in CP of all outfits, you can rely on the guide below :

Bonus weapons

The famous bonus weapons are all obtained in different ways, except for the two DLC weapons in the Deluxe Edition of RE4 Remake. The 3 tools that can be obtained in the classic way are also entitled to special improvements that make their use unlimited, giving a great advantage to review the most exciting parts of the game, given the title’s most recalcitrant challenges.

All trophies

If you want to get Platinum, 1000G or 100% Steam Achievements, you need to get up early. Unlike other recent productions, the trophies in Resident Evil 4 Remake are particularly hardcore and you’ll have to skim through all of the content described above for a chance to win. Needless to say, this will inflate the longevity exponentially, there’s enough to spend 40 to 50 hours on Capcom’s title.

Mercenary Mode

It lands on April 7 and should do a lot of good for the game’s content. Initiated by the original RE4, the Mercenaries mode has been an integral part of the series ever since., especially for this installment, as Mercenaries mode was fully entitled to a standalone version on 3DS. We don’t know yet how consistent this mode will be, but there will be teamwork and it will always be a matter of racking up huge scores by surviving waves of increasingly cunning enemies. A little later, the scripted DLCs dedicated to Ada Wong should complete the roadmap.

Resident Evil 4

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