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Marvel Snap: The best Series 3 maps

by Ana Lopez
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Since the global launch of Marvel Snap, many players have been asking for the ability to get targeted cards to build their dream decks. Just over a month after the start of the TCG, Ben Brode and his band accepted this request. In conjunction with the start of the season PowerCosmicwith the new collection tokens you can create the cards of your choice.

But watch out ! It will be necessary to choose the desired cards with sparingness, because the prices in chips are high. Here are the cost of the cards according to their membership pool:

  • A Pool 3 card: 1000 tokens
  • A Pool 4 card: 3000 tokens
  • An “ultimate” variant: 5000 tokens
  • A Pool 5 card: 6000 tokens

Recently, players can also create a map of their choice that belongs to Series 3 completely free of charge! This is very good news, as you can gradually acquire the highest level Series 3 cards to shape the decks of your dreams.

Level 1

These cards are essential for the best archetypes to work in the game (Sera Miracle, Thanos Lockjaw, Disaster…).

  • Will be
  • mystical
  • she hulk
  • Dead
  • golf
  • Jaw clamp
  • Electro
  • Dracula

Level 2

These cards are some of the best you can get in Pool 3. They are often only playable for certain well-defined archetypes, but you can make them without regrets if these decks interest you.

  • Daredevil
  • Mr Negative
  • Patriot
  • won
  • Magneto
  • Aero
  • Polaris
  • Doctor Doom
  • Max
  • Quinjet
  • red skull
  • Wasp
  • Spider-Man

Red Skull and Patriot are a good example of cards that are very limited to archetypes (in this case Shuri cards and Tokens games), but are very powerful and often a good investment.

On the other hand, always be careful in your deckbuildings. Some of the cards above require very specific decks to win (think Wasp). Make sure you already have the other components of the intended deck in your collection.

For more Marvel Snap guides and tips, check out our collection of Marvel Snap decklists featuring the best archetypes of the moment, card making tips, and fresh news from the SecondDinner TCG.

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