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Marvel Snap: Kitty Pryde top decks, the best lists to play the Series 5 card!

by Ana Lopez
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Marvel Snap: Kitty Pryde top decks, the best lists to play the Series 5 card!

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Kitty Pride is part of Pool 5, unleashing the world’s most prominent deck builders on Marvel Snap. Indeed, this little card is capable of generating a lot of “value” as well as countering many threats that normally affect prize 1 cards.

Spending 6000 tokens for a small price 1 card that doesn’t seem like much? And why not, after all! Admittedly, most Marvel Snap players will rather spend their resources on big beasts that are powerful win conditionsbut perfectionist fans might fall for it Kitty Pridea super flexible t1 that has the good taste counter popular cards such as Death Eater.

Released on March 28, 2023, it didn’t take long for Kitty Pryde to inspire some of the best deck builders in the world.

Kitty Pride

You can take this card back into your hand to gain +2 power.

Deck Thanos Lockjaw

by KM Best

  • Kitty Pride
  • Jaw clamp
  • Death Eater
  • golf
  • Shan Chi
  • Aero
  • Doctor Doom
  • Odin
  • America Chavez
  • she hulk
  • Thanos
  • Dead
miracle snap

deck code :


  • Kitty Pride works beautifully together in Thanos Lockjaw decks. If it is discovered on a Lockjaw, you can always take it back in hand to reboot the machine.
  • Kitty Pride also works well golf because you can always replay it to take advantage of your opponent who doesn’t play more cards than him.

Deck Bounce Zoo

by Regis Killbin

  • The neighbourhood
  • Kitty Pride
  • Bark
  • iceman
  • Angela
  • Black Widow
  • The collector
  • Beast
  • Shield
  • Falcon
  • Mysterious
  • Bishop
miracle snap

deck code :


  • This card game relies on returning your cards to your hand to strengthen others.
  • Angela will appreciate it very much Kitty Pride who will move back and forth to make her stronger each round.
  • Bishop will generally only be able to give you a lane as long as you go cards.
  • The neighbourhood must end up in your hand to avoid the penalty of -2 unless you play Bark !

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