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List of Hogwarts Legacy Attributes: How to Get Them All

by Ana Lopez
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Hogwarts Legacy allows you to upgrade your equipment with the magic loom, and add or change attributes. Whether it’s to get your hands on the best attributes or to complete your collection, here’s their list, as well as the different ways to get them.

There is 75 attributes in total you will have to find them all to complete the corresponding section of the collection. They cannot be missed.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy


The following attributes are unlocked by completing different types of challenges and then manually unlocking the corresponding reward on the special Wizard’s Guide page. Almost all of them are related to combat challenges, which require killing many enemies of a certain type.

  • Protego shield 1/2/3 : Defeat 40/70/100 Dark Mages – Reduces damage dealt by Dark Mages.
  • Amphibian protection 1/2/3 : Defeat 5/10/20 Muddy – Reduces damage dealt by Muddy.
  • Goblin force resistance 1/2/3 : Defeat 30/60/100 Goblins – Reduces damage dealt by Goblins.
  • Necromantic protection 1/2/3 : Defeat 10/20/36 Inferis – Reduces damage dealt by Inferis.
  • Antidote 1/2/3 : Defeat 40/70/100 Spiders – Reduces damage dealt by Spiders.
  • Damping 1/2/3 : Defeat 5/10/15 Trolls – Reduces damage dealt by Trolls.
  • Lupus protection 1/2/3 : Defeat 10/20/30 Dogs – Reduces damage dealt by dogs and wolves.
  • Ancient Magic 1/2/3 : Upgrade your equipment 5/10/15 times – Improves old magic damage.
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

Where do you find exploration attributes?

Things get tricky here, as all of the following attributes can be found in Collector Chestsonly present in Bandit Camps, on the open world map. The difficulty comes from the fact that the contents of these chests are random, you never know if you will find a cosmetic element or an attribute, and which one. It is therefore necessary to open the map, zoom in one level to show the small points of interest and then go to all the bandit camps. After savagely exterminating their occupants, use Revelio display boxes. The point of interest is not considered complete until you open the collection box.

Remark : Oddly, you don’t necessarily find all 3 ranks of each attribute in order.

Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy


  • Application 1/2/3 : Increased damage with all damage spells.
  • Mute 1/2/3 : Damage dealt with a Mandrake is increased.
  • Botany 1/2/3 : Damage inflicted by all plants greatly increased.
  • Burn 1/2/3 : Damage dealt to Incendio increased.
  • Ancient magic concentration 1/2/3 : Increased Ancient Magic gauge fill rate.
  • Control 1/2/3 : Damage dealt with an old magic roll is increased.
  • Canines 1/2/3 : Damage Chinese Caustic Cabbage increased.
  • Cruelty 1/2/3 : Damage dealt with Cruciatus increased.
  • 1/2/3 off : Damage dealt with Experlliarmus is increased.
  • Destroy 1/2/3 : Damage dealt to Confringo has increased.
  • Ambush 1/2/3 : Spell damage increased in hidden mode by the Disillusionment spell.
  • Blast 1/2/3 : Damage dealt with Bombarda increased.
  • Cut 1/2/3 : Increased damage with Diffindo.
  • Coupling 1/2/3 : Increased damage dealt with Petrificus Totalus.
  • Unforgivables 1/2/3 : Increased damage dealt to cursed targets.
  • Operation 1/2/3 : The target under the influence of Impero deals more damage.
  • Venom 1/2/3 : Toxic Tentacula damage increased.
Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy

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