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Lifespan Resident Evil 4: how many hours to complete it in a straight line and 100%?

by Ana Lopez
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Resident Evil 4 is one of the biggest games in the series with its much-maligned sixth installment and this remake will do justice to its content and even add a layer to it thanks to a very well-curated New Game Plus. Let’s see together how long it will take to complete this dear Léon Kennedy’s mission in this revival of the survival horror saga.

Complete the game in a straight line

If you are playing on normal difficulty and this is your first time going through Resident Evil 4, it will take you 15-18 hours to complete the game in a straight line. You can count on a few extra hours on hardcore difficulty, due to the extra losses you’ll take in this mode. The game has 16 chapters that take you through many areas with different settings, in fact, it is one of the great strengths of this episode: Resident Evil 4 is very generous in terms of environments and gameplay situations.

Resident Evil 4

Complete the game 100%

Count on over 35 hours to unlock all trophies and take advantage of the New Game Plus mode to get started in a second game. Once you’ve completed RE4 for the first time, you’ll unlock the Professional difficulty, which will spice things up in a fun way. As a professional you can say goodbye to automatic saves, you will also have to pay more attention to counterattacks that are done with Leon’s knife. Unlocking everything in the game necessarily means redoing it several times, as new weapons are only unlocked by playing it a second time. There is also a nice list of over 200 challenges waiting for you, in the same genre as Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake.

Resident Evil 4

More content to follow

For those familiar with the original game and its various iterations over the years, you’ll notice that the Mercenaries mode and the chapters dedicated to Ada Wong aren’t available yet: they should be coming in the coming weeks. And if the famous horde mode is free to download and offers a multiplayer mode from April 7, it will probably be necessary to go back to the box office for downloadable content dedicated to the secret agent in the red dress. Either way, these modes should significantly extend the life of the title.

Resident Evil 4

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