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Level list patch 13.5: guide to the best LoL champions

by Ana Lopez
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Whether you are a newbie or a veteran of League of Legends, it will soon become clear to you that some champions are stronger than others. Of course, every champion in League of Legends remains playable to some degree, but some of them have a much higher win rate, whether it’s because they’ve been improved recently or because they’re more accessible to play for the majority of players.

Identifying which champion is currently dominating the meta in their position isn’t always easy. For this reason, we offer you this Tier List, updated with each patch, with the aim of ranking the best champions of each meta by role.


  • Champion easy to pick up
  • Champion fairly easy to handle
  • Hard-to-handle champion

Dear Top Champions



gang shelf



Bruiser with little to no negative match ups, his high base damage allows him to dominate his lanes without too much effort. Once completed, the Eviscerator becomes a menace capable of massive regenerating and dominate team fights even when outnumbered.

Aatrox guide


Kennen is a ranged mage who is able to put a lot of pressure on the lane and split easily thanks to his naturally high attack speed. In addition, his R – Maelstrom can easily overturn a team fight or even a match.

Guide Know

gang plank

The Pirate is a tricky powerhouse to pick up, but devilishly effective in the midgame. He is resistant in the track phase and can regularly poke his opponents and desensitize himself to the enemy jungler’s interference with his gaits. Then he can intervene from a great distance with his ultimate, destroying the sides of the map as he goes.

Gang Plank Guide


Master of the late game, Jax can easily express himself in solo ranked games. It’s an excellent duelist, emphasizes individual mechanics, and quickly becomes a global threat, capable of leveling enemy gun turrets and wreaking havoc on team battles.

Guide Jax





Thank you


Dear jungle champions

Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV quickly clears his jungle and has strong control over the mob. It is easy to handle and allows you to be ubiquitous on the map and unleash devastating high-frequency attacks.

Jarvan IV Guide


Vi has a quick jungle cleanup and can abuse ganks early in the game. In addition, the targeted ultimate ability allows you to reduce a target to nothing, allowing you to quickly gain numerical superiority in games.

Vi guide


Favored by the reinforcement of the objects intended for the tanks, Zac is able to multiply the interventions across the map and bring multiple checks into team battles. Damaged in the past by bruisers in the jungle, he can now express his full potential.

Guide Zak


Graves is extremely efficient at farming and peaks in power midway through the game. Longer games allow Graves to collect items more easily to become a constant threat to his enemies in both team fights and skirmishes.

Digging Guide







Best middle champions


The fox is still dominant in the meta, with a high burst and rock solid mobility thanks to his revamp of R. The best mobility in the game allows him to be ubiquitous on the map and always stay in touch with his enemies to take them down .

Ahri guide


Viktor is a dominant mage in the job, able to both apply and take pressure. If he stays safe at the start of the game, he can be devastating once he reaches level 6, allowing him to drive enemies towards his allies or destroy them with a well-found catch.

Guide Victor


Like Corki, Azir needs time to express himself before becoming a constant and increasingly dangerous source of DPS as the game progresses. The extension of the games therefore largely benefits him, and explains his comeback.

Azir guide


Taliyah is a mid-game pressure monster and can quickly switch to friendly lanes to apply an overkill. Able to clear much faster than most scalable midlaners at the moment, she stands out and holds an important place in the current meta, with the ability to immobilize the many characters on the dash.

Guide Taliyah





The White


Top ADC champions


Despite his short range, Lucian is a street bully with massive damage. Combined with supports that can strengthen him or cause an eruption, Lucian wreaks havoc on the bot lanes. He takes advantage of the disappearance of longer range picks like Jinx or Aphelios to express himself.

Accompany Lucian


After updating his gear, Sivir proves to be much more adept at dealing damage early in the game. In addition, as the games have gotten longer on average, it can arrive at the peak of damage in peace and remain a monster of waveclear and teamfight at the end of the game.

Accompany Sivir


Versatile ADC, able to poke, but he was weak against ADCs that could take him down quickly. It also takes time to express itself, but doesn’t scale as well as “classic” build-crit ADCs. Now he can play both long range and short range and dominates the bot track.

Guide Ezreal


Revitalized by some spell improvements in patch 12.11, Zeri is now a dominant bot job. Because she has to hit several objects before she can be really threatening, she especially excels in long fights. The meta tank suits him much better.

Zeri guide

Miss Fortune






Dear Support Champions




Renata Glasc


Leona is a tank with strong controls and is versatile in the bot track. She can compete against other tanks and enchanting supports and can punish them for the slightest mistake. In addition, his movements across the map are devastating and his controls can be expressed during the game.

Accompany Leona


Nami has a lot of pressure in the bot lane, with high base damage, but is especially good at increasing an ally’s damage. Combined with a Lucian or an Ezreal, they can become weapons of destruction with very few items.

Guide Nami


Like Leona, Nautilus is extremely strong during the game thanks to its controls. He can use his ultimate ability to disable a target. However, it remains somewhat sensitive to poking in the bottom lane, but can express itself perfectly by moving away from the bottom to intervene on other lanes.

Nautilus Guide

Renata Glasc

Renata is a complex character to play, able to control enemies in the job phase, but particularly excels in an assistantship role. The further the game progresses, the more of a threat she becomes due to her ultimate, able to bring down a party using only this last ability.

Guide Renata Glasc







Note: This Tier List is more intended for players with a medium or low rank (reference Gold tier).

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