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Katana Sons of the Forest: how to get the best melee weapon in the game?

by Ana Lopez
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To battle the many creatures of Sons of the Forest, the ultimate melee weapon you’ll covet sooner or later is bound to be the katana, a long blade that is extremely powerful and easy to handle. Obviously, it’s only accessible to players who have already made good progress in the game, and we explain how to get your hands on it in this detailed guide.

Find the Katana in Sons of the Forest

Extremely powerful and pleasant to use, the katana is a real must-have that everyone appreciates to have in their possession to defeat terrifying hordes of enemies. In Sons of the Forest you need a few conditions to get your hands on this fast and terrifying weapon:

Check out each of these guides to find out how to get these various tools that are essential to progressing through the game sooner or later. Once all these beautiful people are in your inventory, your goal is to get to the green dot surrounded by green and white that is furthest southwest on your GPS, beyond the snowy mountains:

Sons of the Forest

You will then find a cave that is almost hidden. Enter it and find an entrance at the very back that leads to a ruined and largely disused bunker. Once inside, take the path to the left to come across a door that opens the Maintenance card to be able to move forward (the upper road only leads to a dead end).

Proceed carefully until you come across a closed brown door. Open it, because the other road available to you is still a dead end. You are then entitled to a cutscene after which your only path lies in front of you. In the next room, to your right, you can access a room where several emails will be revealed to you that reveal certain elements of the Sons of the Forest plot.

If you walk straight ahead, you can go straight up to a new stairwell. Go to Level 2 and enter the first office in the second large room. You will find the katana placed on a promontory between the two banks. Be careful, it’s very easy to miss!

Sons of the Forest

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