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Hylia Zelda Breath of the Wild shield: how to get the best shield?

by Ana Lopez
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We show you the easiest way to get the most powerful shield in all of Zelda Breath of the Wild, the Mythical Hylia Shield! And for that we will have to storm Hyrule Castle. To easily reach the chest with the famous object, we recommend that you have enough food with you, just in case, but also that you attack the reconnaissance from the western flank, as we will see in the video above.

Enter the castle

And while you’re at it, why not restore Memory 8, which resides in the heart of Zelda’s apartments? As a reminder, you can enter and leave the castle at your own discretion from the moment you leave the prelude board. There’s a lot to do in the castle and some great items to pick up: if the shield is unmistakably one of them, then also take a short tour of the armory, which contains particularly powerful weapons.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Is it possible to go there from the beginning?

As you probably know, Zelda BotW offers open world exploration without concessions and yes, it is quite possible to attack the castle and even the final boss right from the start of the game. A very good challenge for a second game, but expect strong resistance in the largest dungeon in the base game. However, getting the shield should significantly improve your survivability.

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