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Higan Eruthyll: how to re-roll to optimize your multi-call?

by Ana Lopez
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A process well known to mobile gatcha game enthusiasts allows you to artificially “choose” the best and rarest characters to start your adventure. In Higan Eruthyll you can start the game with a good reroll Elujah e.g. who is a character highest rank which will help you with your first steps in this title.

The problem is that Higan Eruthyll’s developers don’t make it easy for you to re-roll. While some gatcha games fully integrate the idea of ​​rerolling into the beginning of the game (such as SW Chronicles for example, with repeatable multiselect), Higan Eruthyll will ask you for a rather tedious manipulation…

Which characters should I re-roll for?

By re-entering your account, you can focus on getting SSR marks. For this global launch, the goal is favored by the best players Elujah.

A banner dedicated to Eluya is available during the first days of launch, and this is preferable.

  • For each attempt, advance through the adventure until you collect enough resources to launch two multis on the Eluya flag. Ideally, start a reroll until it drops!
Higan Eruthyl

The perfect scenario is when you get Eluya as a banner, and a tank like Gyldan via third party summons.

How to re-roll on Higan Eruthyll?

  • Click the “Settings” icon at the top right of the main menu (the gear shape).
  • Click the “User Center” button at the top of the “Settings” menu.
  • Press the “sign out” button.
Higan Eruthyl
  • Log in to the game using a different email address or Bilibili account.

You will have understood correctly; re-rolling on Higan Eruthyll is tedious as it requires a large number of email addresses. Unfortunately, this is the most reliable method of rerolling in good conditions. That said, remember that rerolling is by no means mandatory; it is possible to enjoy your early game and calmly continue with one schedule without Eluya, even if it is more complicated on paper.

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Who are Higan Eruthyll’s best characters?

A call banner catches the eye? Are you hesitating to re-roll your account to get the SSR of your dreams? Here is the third list of the best characters in the game, which will help you see more clearly what Higan Eruthyll’s best units are. To find out if your account is worth gold, here it is!

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