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Hang gliding Sons of the Forest: where to find this very useful travel tool?

by Ana Lopez
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As you progress through the gloomy forest of Sons of the Forest, being able to move quickly and most importantly silently is undoubtedly one of the most important elements to survive in this hostile place. And exactly, the hang glider (Hang glider) allows you to achieve this by propelling yourself from a height to reach a distant destination, all in no time and without making the slightest noise. Unfortunately, you will have to travel a little bit to get it, to say the least!

Find the hang glider in Sons of the Forest

Far from being anecdotal on an island where the heights are legion and where a mountain literally acts as a natural divider between the east and west of the environment, the hang glider is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and useful items in Sons of the Forest. Not only is it quite readily available, but it also allows you to move quickly, quite quietly and above all over very long distances if used properly!

Around the hang glider, the only available option is to go to the southern part of the island. You will have to search on the side of the caves that are located in this part of the island, on the side of the mountain that, of course, you will have to climb, at least in part.

  • You don’t need any preconditions hang glider !
Sons of the Forest

Simply put, from the white point surrounded by green (
which contains the compound arc

) head east, straight ahead. You will then fall south of the central mountain of the island and you will have to climb it. The drive up this snowy slope is relatively long but in reality not very steep. It’s not until you come across a snowy forest that you know you’ve found the right place. All you have to do is find a very small, barely perceptible camp, you will find the famous hang glider who has been waiting for you all this time!

Sons of the Forest

Special features of the hang glider in Sons of the Forest

First of all, the first thing you should know about the hang glider, is that in Sons of the Forest it cannot be stored in your inventory. No, rather park it in a place that is relatively easy for you to reach so that you can find it and reuse it. If you lose it in the wild, it won’t come back to you and you’ll have to find it where you lost it!

The other important point is that to take off with the hang glider you have to jump from a fairly high point, steep at worst, if not an outright peak. If you try to get up from a flat surface, your character will quickly drop it hang glideryou crash and the hang glider will continue its course a few feet before crashing as well.

Typical drama to avoid... - Sons of the Forest
Typical drama to avoid…

But then, “how do we fly?” you will say to us! So we are already not flying with one hang glider, we’re high, it’s in the name! Then once you get it in your hands and you have a not too flat place to prop yourself up, you can run in a straight line and then jump the bar Room (default) to fly. From there, please stop pressing the Z key (default) otherwise you’ll crash in no time. Drop everything!

The operation is actually quite banal. Your side scroll keys that allow you to turn right or left (Q left, D standard good). The button that allows you to move forward (Z standard) you can dive, leaving the nose of the hang glider forward leading to a sharp acceleration if you’re high enough, or a crash if applicable, while the key allows you to go backward (S default) causes you to point upwards and therefore eventually slow down.

Sons of the Forest

The practice of hang glider takes some practice, but you’ll no doubt find a way to take full advantage of it. Additionally, note that if you slide in a straight line you can never crash, a good point to know for travel! Also remember to park it in an elevated place, on a Watchtower otherwise you won’t be able to take off, for example, and so you’ll have to take a few steps to find a top before you can glide!

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