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Handcannon Resident Evil 4: How to get the most powerful weapon in the remake?

by Ana Lopez
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The hand cannon is clearly making a comeback in the Resident Evil 4 remake, much to the delight of fans of satisfying headshots. To recover it, it will be a great challenge that will significantly increase the life of the game, since it is absolutely necessary to restart a game in the professional difficulty, unlocked after going through the adventure from start to finish the first time.

Magnum Handcannon: how do you unlock it?

It’s quite “simple”: you’ll first have to unlock the professional difficulty setting by beating the game for the very first time. Next, you need to start with a blank save (prohibiting the use of New Game Plus) and full pro mode, without using the other special weapons in Leon’s arsenal. Once the challenge is complete, all you have to do is activate it in the bonus weapons, along with the rest of the special endgame objects that you can unlock through the challenges. It’s no more or less than the last magnum you can find to complete your collection, but still expect good resistance in pro mode.

Resident Evil 4

Statistics and improvements

It is a weapon of mass destruction, but it must be handled with great care. the damage dealt at maximum level is excellent on weak points, but the recoil is significant, a mistake can cost you dearly. Especially since ammo for the magnum is by far the rarest in the game: you can deal phenomenal damage with this weapon, especially since it does piercing damage like the Punisher, but make sure you shoot before you start. To get unlimited ammunition with this gun, the conditions are the same as for all others : Unlock all upgrades by buying them one by one, or buy a special upgrade ticket to unlock them all at once (it will cost you 30 spins).

Maximum stats

  • Power : 39
  • magazine capacity: 9
  • Reload speed: 6
  • Rate of Fire : 0.65
  • Accuracy : 1.80

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