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Hades: Titan’s Bloods, their usefulness and how to breed them?

by Ana Lopez
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Hades: Titan’s Bloods, their usefulness and how to breed them?


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Titan’s Bloods are sort of the ultimate resource in Hades, primarily allowing you to upgrade your various aspects of Infernal Weapons to their full potential. We explain here in detail how to recover as much as possible and how to use it.

Titan’s blood will be a primary source to improve your infernal weapons Hades and make it easier for Zagreus to escape the Underworld. Together with Diamonds and Ambrosia, they are artifacts that you mainly get by defeating certain bosses during your adventures. We describe everything related to the Bloods of Titan in Hades here.


How do I get Titan Bloods?

During your infernal adventures you can collect nothing less than 295 Limited Quantity Titan Bloodsin addition to all those you can collect indefinitely by trading other resources at Broker Miserable, Charon and through fishing.

  • You get 1 Titan Blood by beating the first and last boss of each escape (Crew or one of her sisters + Hades), for the first time with any weapon, for a total of 12.
  • You will then get an additional 1 Titan’s Blood for each victory against Crone or her sisters and Hades for each weapon and for each heat level (difficulty) from 1 to 20for a total of 240 additional Titan Blood.
  • You get up to 43 Titan’s Blood through found targets in the list of prophecies previously purchased from the foreman.
  • The miserable broker will exchange a Titan Blood for 1000 Gems, 100 Keys of Darkness, 20 Nectars, 2 Diamonds or 1 Ambrosia, in addition to random limited offers available after each run.
  • At the Temple of the StyxCharon gives you the option to buy 1 Titan Blood for 1200 gold coins, or 960 if you got the Loyalty Card by defeating Charon beforehand.
  • Finally, the Chef gives you 1 Titan blood for each Sturgeon that you fished in Greece or in the zone where you fight Hades.

How do I spend Titan Bloods?

Most of your Titan Bloods will be used to improve all aspects of Zagreus’ infernal weapons, but not only:

  • It takes a total of 306 Titan Bloods to upgrade all aspects of all infernal weapons. 5 for each aspect of Zagreus, 15 for all second aspects, 16 for all third aspects, and 15 for all secret aspects.
  • It takes 10 Titan Bloods to buy it Stylish theme with the Foreman.
  • It takes 10 Titan Bloods to Buy Zagreus ranks near the Director of Resources, north of Hades’ house.

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