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Hades: Ambrosia, its usefulness and how to grow it?

by Ana Lopez
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Hades: Ambrosia, its usefulness and how to grow it?


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Ambrosia is one of the rarest and most important resources in Hades, allowing you to somehow unlock and improve the final content. We describe here its usefulness and how you can recover from it to the maximum.

Ah, Ambrosia, this rare orange bottle that delights the taste buds of those to whom you offer it… In Hades, this artifact is one of the most important resources of the game and has different uses and different ways to recover it. Here’s a summary of all things ragweed.


How to get ragweed?

You have 4 ways to collect ambrosia during your infernal journey. There are a total of 194 bottles of ambrosia in limited quantities, in addition to all those you can farm indefinitely via fishing and the Wretched Broker:

  • The main way to get Ambrosia is to defeat Theseus and Asterion at Elysium. This will be your reward if you defeat them, so 1 unique flask can be collected for each weapon 6 in total. Then you earn a flask for every new win against them, with a different Heat (difficulty level), from Heat 1 to Heat 20, with any weapon regardless of aspect, for a total of 120 extra ambrosia bottles.
  • The second way is to full prophecies from the list of prophecies in Zagreus’ room, which you bought from the foreman at the beginning of the game. There are a total of 68 of all the objectives mentioned.
  • You can collect ambrosia from the Miserable Broker for 2 diamonds. (Not recommended at first unless there is no other choice as diamonds are also an important resource with the foreman)
  • Finally, you can collect ragweed by collecting the Perches that you managed to fish during an escape attempt by Chef Cuistot in the house of Hades.

What are the uses of ragweed?

Ambrosia has many uses, and it takes a total of 151 bottles to complete it allso you can use the remaining ones to trade them in for other resources like the all-important Titan Bloods:

  • Ambrosia is accustomed complete your scenarios and romances with most characters in the game, after giving them a certain number of Nectars. (56 bottles needed for all characters)
  • It also serves upgrade your companions, these 6 secret summons are in the memory shelf at Thados, which you can equip before you start running. It takes 10 bottles to upgrade each to the maximum, for a total of 60.
  • You can buy it Beautiful theme and the Sonorous Theme of the Foreman, for 15 and 10 bottles respectively.
  • You can buy ranks for Zagreus with the Director of Resources, one of the game’s most endgame content. A total of 10 bottles are needed here.
  • Finally, you can exchange Ambrosia for titan blood with the Broker Miserable.

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