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Hades: 10 tips to start your adventures in the heart of the underworld

by Ana Lopez
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From the first minutes of Hades, you will quickly get to the heart of the matter and join Zagreus in his quest to escape the underworld, for reasons that will quickly evolve over time… However, the task is difficult and demanding , and spoiler alert, you die. Many, many times. But don’t worry, it’s the principle of the game on which it is based Die&Try Again, knowing that you will become stronger after each escape attempt in different ways, until you reach Papa Hades at the top of the Underworld, and … die. Then try again and again, until you finally beat him.

To make your first hours of play less hellish and make sure you reach Hades as quickly as possible, we have listed 10 tips for you things to remember to make things easier and put your mind at ease on your journey across the Styx back home.

The first resources are the key to success

You will collect 3 important resources during your runs that will serve you well at the beginning of the game to improve your attributes, and even later by exchanging them for other resources that will take over your priority list. We’re talking about this Keys of Darknessby Obsidian And Gems.

Dark key

These keys will allow you to unlock the infernal weapons as the first runs progress, and they are essential for unlock up to 12 talents of the Mirror of Night.


It is thanks to these obsidians that you can Improve your talents with the Mirror of Night. To gain more during a breakout (+20%), take up arms with a purple aura in Thados’ room.


These gems are the main currency to buy upgrades and cosmetics from the foreman. If the cosmetic does not help you while running, the many improvements it will provide will serve you well.

Identify the different gods

There are 10 of the deities encountered during an escape, each with uniquely themed blessings and effects. If you’re given a choice between different gods during a run, try to think about what kind of blessings you’ll receive based on the ones you already have, to make your build coherent and more efficient in certain aspects!

Aphrodite, goddess of love

The vast majority of Aphrodite’s powers revolve around status change Weakness, which you inflict on enemies. This reduces their damage dealt by 30% for 4 seconds.

Extra damage against targets with weakness is one of the best perks you can get, dramatically increasing your damage.

She can also give you passive damage reductions as well as a increased all bonus health and healing received during an escape.

Ares, god of war

The vast majority of Ares’ powers revolve around status change Dead, inflicts on your enemies. This sets a mark that explodes after 1.1 seconds, dealing additional damage.

Overall, Ares is here for you to do greater damagelike a good god of war.

Artemis, goddess of the hunt

Artemis is here to give you tons of upgrades offensiverevolved around the chances of Critical hits.

An excellent offensive choice that has all big numbers on its screen.

Athena, goddess of wisdom

Athena brings many solutions defensive whatever may appear very offensive when used to full potential, based around the Referenceallowing them to deflect and reflect enemy attacks on them.

In addition to the reflection, it can make your enemies you have reflected on make their techniques Presentationscausing them to take even more damage.

Chaos, First Creator

Chaos effects are very powerful and rare, and you have to pay some health points to go through the portals. She will reduce the effect one of your techniques for a certain number of rooms, then increase another aspect of your equipment, damage, health, resources received, etc., once the required number of rooms is reached.

Demeter, goddess of the seasons

As a winter aspect, all of Demeter’s blessings revolve around status ailments To freeze. It reduces the movement speed of your enemies by 4-40%.

Dionysos, god of wine

Dionysus will offer you many powers with the effects ofPoisoning. It gives your skills the ability to poison your enemies for 4 seconds, causing them to take damage every 0.5 seconds over time.

Hermes, god of speed

Hermès is here to make it all faster and mobile. Number of extra dashes, movement speed, attack speed and even evasion chances, it boosts the gameplay like no other.

Poseidon, god of the sea

All of Poseidon’s effects are centered around the bumpwhich, as the name suggests, gives your skills the ability to knock enemies away.

Moreover, it can also cause enemies to be knocked back brokenmaking them take huge bonus damage when moving, especially useful for bosses, who take damage from Fracture even when immune to recoil.

Zeus, king of the gods

Zeus, King of the Gods but also God of Thunder, will empower your offensive abilities to send lightning nearby, which can bounce between enemies, making it a devastating god for large enemy packs.

In addition, these lightning bolts can create enemies shakenwhich inflict bonus damage on their next attack.

Prioritize certain rooms



When you first start out, the game will be extremely tough on you, and you’ll soon realize that your health total is relatively low. Therefore the rooms offer a Centaur heart will be your best friends. These cores increase your life total by +25HP.

The other space to prioritize is that of Mazequite rare, which grants you weapon-specific upgrades, usually destructive.

Finally, the rooms are symbolized by a Exclamation mark, that can only appear once per zone are also given priority, allowing you to meet certain characters whose names are not mentioned here specifically for each zone of the Underworld, to progress through the story and get certain unique rewards.

Don’t be afraid to try all the weapons!

In total, 6 infernal weapons is at your disposal, and each of their gameplay is unique:

  • Stygius, Blade of the Underworld: A longsword, for dynamic and mobile melee gameplay
  • Corona Night, Heartbreaking Bow: A bow and arrow, for remote gameplay
  • Aegis, Shield of Chaos: A shield, for mixed gameplay between offense and defense, melee and range
  • Varatha, the Eternal Spear: a long spear, for unique melee/distance gameplay like a gladiator
  • Malphon, the Twin Fists: Special fists for brutal and ultra-dynamic melee gameplay
  • Exagryphe, the Adamantine Cannon: a divine firearm for a remote escape from mythology

Don’t be afraid to test them all to find out which one is right for you. In addition, for each escape attempt, one will have a purple aura, indicating an increase in additional obsidians, encouraging diversity and experimentation.


Collect as many memories as possible

Memories, equippable in the shelf at Thados, are essential for the smooth running of your run. There are 25 of them, each one gives you a unique effect, which will be more or less useful depending on the weapon you choose. To get them, you’ll need to offer Nectar to almost all the characters you’ll meet throughout the game, and we’ve prepared the whole list for you below.

Experiment and complete your list of prophecies

If you fully enjoy the gameplay, you will even be rewarded! One of the first purchases you MUST make from the foreman is the List of prophecies, which you will find in Zagreus’ room. It’s a long list of goals fulfilled in a myriad of ways, including experimenting with and playing with all of the game’s blessings and weapons. Nectar even even diamonds or from Ambrosia.


Talk to everyone!

In addition to enjoying the storytelling and the absolutely fantastic universe of the game, talking to the characters and presenting gifts is possible continue in the scenario and complete your codex. You can also unlock everyone’s memories, even go to certain romances, and even unlock certain aspects of legendary weapons…

spend your money

During an escape attempt really don’t be stingy on the use of your gold coins, especially when the situation is tense. Be sure to check out the offerings of each Well of Charon that can appear in the corners of each room, in addition to the special Charon Markets in each area. If some offers can be omitted, fix health or even Refusal of death is very hard to refuse. These gold coins disappear at the end of each run, so don’t be too greedy!


Fish! (fishing)

After recovering the fishing rod in the first hours of the game, rush to the fishing point when you hear a bell at the entrance of a new room. This “thing!” indicates the presence of a fish point in the respective room and you can fish for a plethora of fish, common or rare. These fish, in addition to filling your codes and list of prophecies, are interchangeable with the chef in the house of Hades for considerable resources, which vary according to the rarity of the fish caught.

The chef is here to treat you to his best sushi (and major sources!) - Hades
The chef is there to surprise you with his best sushi (and important resources!)

Process the defeat quickly

Finally, more encouragement than advice, don’t be hard on yourself after a loss as they will be a big part of the game. 25-30th attempt average among players. Many players give up even after a certain number of failures, but not you! At least every defeat advances the story and makes you stronger both in the game and in real life, so go back to the coals and don’t forget to increase your talents through the Mirror of the nightwe know people who have discovered the ability to unlock more than 4 talents after spending 30 hours on the game…

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